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I think if you read the sticky threads here, they will say much the same thing, but here is how it has gone for me. I started out with a few books first. I got “Reloading for handgunners” and “The ABC’s of Reloading, a definitive guide for novice to expert”, reading both books.

After that, I had much the same idea as you. I was looking for a cheaper way to get my 45 Auto. I started with a Lee hand press. I also got a set of dies, a hand primer, and a scale from Lee. I picked up a primer pocket brush from RCBS. I had a set of calipers already.

After that, the only things that I got before I made my first few rounds was the supplies.

After I got started, a co-worker offered to sell me an all or none lot of stuff. It had other tools that have made loading faster/better. The more I play with this, the more I can see that this is not going to save me money on ammo. I MAY be spending less on supplies, but I keep finding more tools that I need.

Good luck,
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