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    I want to start reloading .45 acp. What equipment is a good starting equipment and cheap. Economy got me down. Also if you know of any easy to understand reloading books that will help me it would help also thanks in advance
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    I think if you read the sticky threads here, they will say much the same thing, but here is how it has gone for me. I started out with a few books first. I got “Reloading for handgunners” and “The ABC’s of Reloading, a definitive guide for novice to expert”, reading both books.

    After that, I had much the same idea as you. I was looking for a cheaper way to get my 45 Auto. I started with a Lee hand press. I also got a set of dies, a hand primer, and a scale from Lee. I picked up a primer pocket brush from RCBS. I had a set of calipers already.

    After that, the only things that I got before I made my first few rounds was the supplies.

    After I got started, a co-worker offered to sell me an all or none lot of stuff. It had other tools that have made loading faster/better. The more I play with this, the more I can see that this is not going to save me money on ammo. I MAY be spending less on supplies, but I keep finding more tools that I need.

    Good luck,

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    Good answer right there.

    Check and check for USED copies of the books.

    Read them before you buy anything.

    You can shop ebay and amazon for dies and a press. A Lee single stage press is probably the cheapest, no the best, but works. You can also shop for used dies, a set of shell holders, scale.
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    Agree with c3

    , when you get a scale, get top quality. AND GET SCALE CHECK WEIGHTS. These little weights are the most important part of your reloading kit.:):)