Reloading 8mm J

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    I want to add an 88 Commission to my collection. I'd like to be able to reload for the J round. Does anybody here have experience doing so? Would I need different dies or a different expander to deal with the smaller diameter bullet? What data do I use? Are there bullets available? Thank you.
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    The letter "J" often mentioned by English speaking sources is actually an "I" for Infanterie (German for "infantry"). A stamped "I" at the cartridge bottom in writing styles used in the past in Germany could be easily mistaken for a "J". Even in the 21st century the "I" is often substituted by a "J" in English speaking communities and German ammunition manufacturers often write "JS" instead of "IS" to avoid confusing customers. The letter "S" stands for Spitzgeschoß ("pointed bullet"), and the English designation "spitzer" for that style of bullet is derived from this German term. The I & IR are .318, The IS & IRS are .323......