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    I am interested in reloading for the 38/357 for a Rossi lever gun. I want to keeping cheap and simple but don't know where to start. Was hoping you all could point me in the right direction. Loading tons of ammo won't be warranted and accuracy won't be the main objective, so cheap will do I think. Any information you all could give on the proper tools and equipment to buy will be greatly appreciated. I heard something about hand loaders but know nothing about them. Thanks guys and gals.
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    Casey- your FIRST step- go buy a copy of The ABCs of Reloading. Big paperback- you can find a copy on or

    READ that first.

    Basic reloading equipment consists of a press, dies, a shell holder, scale for powder- and a supply of brass, powder, primers and bullets.

    The simplest press is a single stage, and then you can branch out- turret press, progressive press, etc. But a basic single stage press can laod very good ammo- just not as quickly.

    You can shop for USED equipment- difficult to wear out. But FIRST- read the book.

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    C3shooter...are you a mind reader? My next question was about literature on reloading. Thank you sir. Any recommendations on single stage setups I could aquire for under 150? Is that not enough to spend?
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