Reloading 338 Win Mag 225 GR

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    Is anyone reloading 338 Win Mag with either BTSX or NAB?

    I purchased a new 338 Win Mag a month ago. After waiting around trying to purchase Federal's Fusion 225 at a decent price but never finding it for a decent price I have really given thought to reloading and using either BTSX or NAB (Elk and Mule Deer in CO)

    I already have the brass from previous Federal NAB rounds. Can one give me a close approximation of just what that particular round would cost per 50 or 100 or apiece. I am willing to invest in reloading if it will be at least a little worth it. I do not care about the time involved or my cost in time.

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    .338 225 grain reloads

    The .338 Win is a great round, but not one for the recoil sensative, and usually heavier then the average sporter rifle if you have a lot of distance to cover on foot. I used one mine several years ago to take a moose in Newfoundland. My load was the 225 Gr. Nosler Partition pushed by around 74 Gr. H4831 spareked by CCI Mag primers.

    Cost to reload:

    Primers are running close to $50 per 1,000 or .05 per round
    4831 at Pro Bass $27.00 @ 74 Gr. that is .29
    Nosler Partitions about $37. per 50 or .74 Total 1.08 per Bang for premium

    But the way, I shot a moose at about 275 yards with this load. Point of entry was front left shoulder quartering back to the right rear hindquarter. I caught the mooses head lurching back on impact and it dropped where it stood and never moved. I could not have asked for betteer performance. Barns are excellent bullets but the Nosler Partition has an admirable reputation. In my rifle they grouped rght at one inch at 100 yards.