Reloading 12 gauge shells

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    I am wondering if anyone on here has ever used bullseye powder in shotgun shells? I have used it myself in the past. I was wondering if anyone has a mixture they use involving bullseye powder, winchester hulls, winchester primers, winchester with a seven eigths to one ounce load, claybuster wads with around an ounce and an eigth load. Or any other recipe will be appreciated that involves these components.
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    Do not claim to be God's gift to reloaders, but Bullseye is among the fastest burning pistol powders made. It is NOT listed as a shotgun powder by Alliant in their tables. Cannot help but feel you are courting disaster using that to drive an ounce of shot- shotguns operate at an order of magnitude difference of pressure. Red Dot, Green Dot, Clays, etc were made for shotshells. Bullseye was not.

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    I like Alliant Green Dot for, Trap & Birds.............
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    I have used Bullseye for light 12 gauge loads. I believe that it says right on the bottle that it can be used for light (3/4 and 7/8 ounce) 12 gauge loads. The loads I used worked fine. Just make sure you find some current data before you begin. Check out I believe they have a book on various shotgun powders (bullseye included) and one on reduced 12 gauge loads.
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    Years ago I had all the info on Bullseye. It did list several loads for the shotgun including loads for an 1 1/8 loads. But since I have lost all of that in several moves. I havent done any reloading in a long time so I am trying to get back inot it.At the time I was reloading it was all I could find locally and the loading info I used kept the powder charges low and made them as close to Winchester super handicapped loads as possible.
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    "Or any other recipe will be appreciated that involves these components."

    Be cautious. We can happily change book loads and components for metallic cartridges if we wish (and if we do it properly) but we cannot safely dork around with shotshell loads. IF you can find an authoritative source with data using Bullseye use it but stick with the exact list of other components. Shotguns are low pressure guns and do not have the reserve strength of metallic cartridge firearms. What may apppear to be small changes in shotshells can produce massive effects.
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    My go to powder for 1 1/8 oz 12 ga general purpose loads is Red Dot.