Reloading 101, Great starting point.

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    I found these videos very helpful and well worth the time to watch.

    Sinclair International Reloading Video Series is Hosted by Bill Gravatt, President of Sinclair International a Brownells Company. This series answers questions that a new shooter will have when learning to reload metallic cartridges.

    Beyond instructions, each topic is fully covered so youll understand not only the how, but the why, behind each procedure. There are detailed animated illustrations that will show you whats happening inside the chamber when shooting, and inside the dies during each step of reloading. If you've ever thought about reloading for improved accuracy, to save money, or just a hobby, make sure you watch this series. With it, youll shortcut your learning, enjoy greater initial success and have an great appreciation the for this great hobby.

    The Sinclair Reloading Series

    1 Introduction to Reloading

    2 Reloading Safety

    3 Components

    4 Firing Sequence and Headspace

    5 Tools

    6a Bottle Neck Case Prep

    6b Bottle Neck Powder & Bullet

    7 9mm Straight Wall

    8 Conclusion
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