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Reload Same Ammo?

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How many times can you reload the same ammo?
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.38 special and .45 ACP 10-15 times.

.308 through an HK-91 maybe 5 times.

visually inspect each case after cleaning. Handguns, look for case splits/cracks along the case body and at the mouth.

Rifles, look for a ring near the base.

I inspect cases visually and audibly. Take a hand full of brass in the same caliber and pour it back and forth between hands. There shoud be a uniform tone to the brass clinking off each other. A cracked case will have a flat tone. I put half in each hand and jingle them. Whichever hand has the uniform tone gets dumped in the "good" can. Split the other hand full into two hands and repeat til I get to the bad case. It take s some practive to get your ear calibrated but is quick and effective.
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