Reline barrel without pilot drill ??

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    I am new here.
    I have an old 22 with a worn out or corroded out barrel. I intend on relining it. The drills sold to do this have a pilot on them and are quite pricey, the pilot guiding the drill through the existing bore.
    Has anyone just drilled one out with a regular drill ? I don't see why a regular drill won't just follow the existing bore.
    And yet there must be a reason they make these special drill bits.

    Please share experience good or bad.

    Thank you, Tom
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    Welcome to the FTF. We have an "Introductions" area. Stop in next time you login and say "Hi"

    without the pilot, the bit will oscillate and go off center.
    (I tried to do one without the pilot hoping I could do it cheaply. It didn't work out.)

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    Some make their own piloted drill bits. I would recommend buying one. They last a long time and can do many barrels(yes, I know this personally).
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    A standard twist drill, silver soldered on to an extension will work just fine but you have to withdraw the drill to clean frequently. In a 22 bore, a 5/16 drill can go no more than 1/2 inch before it should be withdrawn and cleaned. With a twist drill, it has to be pushed a bit to center it up in an existing hole. Drill too slow, and it will wander. The shank on the drill also acts to center the drill from the rear. I have drilled a 1/2 inch hole through 54 inches of hydraulic rod by drilling halfway from each end. Where the holes met was within .015" of being aligned. A lot of work though; it took close to two hours. When I was extending a bit for this purpose, I check the bit for straightness ahead of time. If the drill bit wasn't straight, I didn't use it.
    One of the big advantages of the piloted drills sold for the purpose is that the drill does a good job of clearing chips. The flexibilty of the bit is what makes the pilot mandatory. GD
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