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  1. Southern6er

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    I took my daughter to the range last weekend to shoot. She shot my Mossberg 44 US .22 LR rifle and my Kimber .45.

    Before shooting the .45, I had her shoot a .22 pistol to get used to feel w/o having a serious kick. She shot the Walther P22 and enjoyed it. It seemed like a fun pistol.

    What other .22 pistols are out there that I should consider if I decided to go with a .22 for plinking and occasion CCW. My Kimber Pro Carry II will be my primary CCW.

    Links to particular guns you suggest would greatly help.
  2. BunnyWabbit

    BunnyWabbit New Member

    I have a Browning Buck Mark 22 and the husband just bought me a Ruger Mark III 22 lr Competition pistol with a Nikon scope. Still waiting for the left handed grips from Ruger. They were supposed to show today and aren't here yet ... so my new gun is naked. :(

  3. 1984cj

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    The Ruger Mrk III is a nice pistol.
    I also like the older Colt Woodsmans/Huntsmans.
    The Buckmarks can be hit or miss. A buddy of mine had one that he loved so he bought a target model and hated it.
  4. Catfish

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    I beleve the best on the market for the money today is the Rugers. I`ve got 2 of the MK 11`s and with good ammo have never had any problems with function or accuracy.
  5. csteinman

    csteinman Guest

    i don't own either, but the rugers and brownings both seem quite nice.

    however, i did read recently (since i myself am in the market for a 22) that someone tested the loaded chamber indicator on their ruger mk III and found that it was unsafe. i guess the chamber indicator fastens itself around the rim of the cartridge..., which it's obviously a rimfire cartrige, and that if struck hard enough it'd cause the cartidge to fire. since/if you have children that may be a particular concearn. however, i've read other tests on this feature that have yeilded safe results, so it may well just be a myth created by a disgruntled ruger customer.
  6. Swampguy

    Swampguy New Member

    I have a Ruger Mark I (6 in. barrel), made in 1964 that I bought used for $25 in 1972 from a friend. I have fired thousands of rounds through that pistol and I don't believe it ever failed to feed or fire. I have no experience with the newer Marks, but that old Mark I is fine machine. I now own 3 Ruger .357 revolvers, 1 .22 Single Six, 1 Ruger 9MM Semi auto pistol, and 3 Ruger rifles including a Mini-14 and they are all reliable. You can't go wrong with a Ruger .22 revolver IMHO.
  7. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    I agree the Ruger MK (I, II,III) series is great for plinking. Get the 7-1/2 bull barrel, these guns lend themselves

    to being scoped, due to having been designed with a Nambu-style slide.

    I also like the High Standard R101 Sentinel revolver. It shoots 22LR, 22, & 22short.
  8. SavageGuy_

    SavageGuy_ Member

    If you want something really reliable and accurate, get a revolver such as a Ruger single six
  9. Rex in OTZ

    Rex in OTZ Well-Known Member

    I have never been disappointed with any the High Standard revolvers old toggle release Sportking, or button release Supermatic Citation pistols.
    You have to appreciate/love the ease of dissembly and cleaning the the newer HS semiauto's #1 retract slide and lock open, #2 drop mag, #3 press the barrel retainer toggle and or button, remove barrel, #4 ease slide off the frame) just try doing that to a Ruger Mk1/II/III or the Browning Buckmark ! :eek:
    Even had a old FIE Buffalo Scout that was a fun shooter.
    I had a Ruger Single Six for a few years that was one the most accurate single actions Id had (sucks its 6 shot)
    Today Ruger makes the double action LCR 22 and SP101 in rimfire as well as a updated Single Six with 4 more bean holes 'the Ruger Single Ten'.
    Ruger's MkIII 22/45 Lite, the Ruger Charger, 'a pistol version of the 10/22 carbine'.
    The you have the USFA Zip 22 that utilizes the Ruger 10/22 mags.
    I have a shooting buddy that likes his Heritage Rough Rider .22.
    One the guys has one wicked accurate Keystone Sporting Arms Hunter Pistol a 'Cricket bolt action single shot pistol.
    And though they catch some bad press, I have a Taurus 941 Tracket that so far has been one my favorite rimfire double action revolvers.

    And I had fun at the range with a friends Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 mag double action revolver.
    And I love my shooting buddys Colt Cadet .22 pistol (kinda like a High Standard in a way) and not such a pain to clean as compared to his Buckmark. Which is a fine pistol, just not as handy to clean as the Citiation/Sportking or Cadet.
    For one my all time fun .22 pistols was a used Intratec TEC-22 with laser sight, that bullet hose was a blast. :D :D :D
    At one time I had a Calico M-110 is another fun and mostly reliable bullet hose (though sensitive to mag abuse *thanks to my kids over doing the spring when loading :rolleyes:)
    I pretty much cleared out my high capacity 50 rounds + fun guns during the .22 rimfire drought over the last 5 years.
    I did shoot a Grendel P-30 (30 shot .22 mag Semi from the early 90's) that was ammo sensitive.
    Ive read good things about Kel-Tec's PMR-30 pistol (anothe .22 mag semi)

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  10. armedleo

    armedleo New Member

    I back up the suggestion to go with Ruger. I've got a .22LR 8-shot revolver LCR and its a solid performer. And can work self-defense just fine.
  11. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Most .22s today are reliable.

    You have to do your part in maintaining it.

    I bought the wife a .22 PPK/s years ago. I followed up with a .380 PPK/s later.

    Muscle memory, firearm function, holsters are the same and made transition to a larger caliber easier.
  12. ca1survivor

    ca1survivor Member

    a .22 for plinking? Ruger Mark II or III for CCW or SD can't recommend a .22 LR
  13. Overkill0084

    Overkill0084 Well-Known Member

    My Ruger MK3 has been a model of reliability. My Sig (GSG) 1911/22 has been solid so far as well, though I haven't run more than a few hundred rounds through it.

    While better than nothing, you should consider a bit more power than .22 LR for SD/CC.
  14. BVAL

    BVAL Well-Known Member

    I'm also a Ruger Fan,,,,have quite a few of them, wife's statement is good lord. Don't leave out the Ruger SR22, and new this year SR22 long slide.
  15. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    You said possible CC so the Ruger SR22 but if you are looking for a smaller CC about the size of the 22 pistols take a hard look at the 1911 based 380's. Sig, Colt and Kimber are making them. While the pistols are reliable 22lr ammo is not as reliable as center fire.
  16. tinbucket

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    I have limited exposure to .22 pistols. I have a 200 years of American Liberty .22Ruger. When I first got it I had a few problems with feed ramp. Simply usdd a typewriter eraser on the ramp.
    I have a Ruger MkIII slab sided long target barrel that hung up a time or two because of some wax type lube bullets. Most others no problems at all.
    Back in the day Revolvers were referred to as pistols.
    My single Six sometimes a little tight chambering some .22s all the way.
    Use CCI and Browning and Federals even the thrity yeard old plated ones no problem.
    Accuracy is pretty darn good.
    I have a 30mm red dot sight on the MkIII and it hits every time you hold it on the target. The little MkI is lighter and just as accurate. Gun Smith put adjustable sight on it and adjustable trigger and thumb rest stocks. Still have all the old components.
    The Single Six is right on also.
    Ruger is bringing out, is out a new series of these pistols with much easier take down. Just read it the other day in a gun magazine.
    Hinged at the front and rear action release above right handgaurdI believe and the grip is slick, with no indentation for the take down lever and hammer spring housing. Price is higher of course.
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