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    When do know a rifle is reliable, one you would trust your life on, regardless of specs or maker? The accepted rule of thumb with a 1911 is 500 rnds of FMJ and 200 of your carry ammo with no failures or malfunctions. I have never seen anything on when to trust an AR. Is it so many rounds, a certain mix of steel and brass or maybe working with all types of mags? What do you all think.
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    Honestly min of 2000 rds for me in a quality rifle without any issues , I only run GI mags and Magpul mags , If it wont run steel to me its not considered reliable , you want a rifle that you can trust with your life it better be able to run everything without any hiccups . If I get a mag that wont cycle it goes in the trash , why ? its unreliable and I have only thrown 3 or 4 away .
    Things can break on any rifle and they are all replaceable. That is what I love about this platform . So many configurations, so many parts readily available .

    Optics battle rifle quality , Aimpoint or trijicon with backup sights Its hard to beat Iron sights . Sorry I wouldnt have a EOtech , They are a great RDS but they only have a 2 yr warranty and for what they cost they should have a lifetime warranty and the battery life isnt great anyway . A good friend of mine spent a long time over seas and said he went thru many of the EOtechs in his time there . He is a true believer in the durability of the aimpoint and trijicons
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    Everyone has a different viewpoint I suppose.

    I like to take a gun that is broken in, clean it thoroughly! I mean thoroughly!

    Then with no lubrication whatsoever, run a minimum of 200 rounds through it. For me, it must run 100 percent, zero malfunctions.
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    I probably don't have defined numbers. I guess it would be 500rds of misc ammo, with misc mags. You have to get to know a rifle, and even the mags and ammo for that matter.

    I trust what I know. I trust Daniel Defense rifles. I trust BCM and PSA builds that I have specifically selected parts for (mostly from those same two companies). No doubt there are countless other trustworthy and highly reliable manufacturers...but like I said, I trust what I know. That's the measure of quality that happens to be in my wheelhouse. Most Noveske stuff is a little beyond my means.