Reid Derails Obama Out Of The Gate

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by billt, Jul 26, 2012.

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    It's not often you see this. Harry Reid telling Hussein, 15 minutes after he wants to attempt to resurrect talk on another Assault Weapons Ban attempt, he "can't fit it into the Senate schedule". As far as bringing it up next year? His reply, "Nice try!".

    Now, I want to hear from all of these guys who were pissing and moaning at the NRA for getting into bed with Reid last year. Do you really think he's doing this out of the goodness of his little Democratic heart? Things are not always as they seem in the world of lobbying and Washington politics. Frankly I could care less if Wayne La Pierre gave him a blow job. Just as long as this goes away until Hussein does.
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    That's an "at least". Let's hope Odumbo doesn't get too creative with the power of the executive branch or his cronies at BATF.

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    This world has truly gone completely insane.
    Mitt Romney & Harry Reid are now defenders of the 2A.

    I need a shot of Whisky.
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    I don't give a rats *** how many times either of them flip and flop. Just as long as they're convinced to land on the right side when they are done!
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    AMEN. It's the bottom line that counts.:)
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    and that is how we got Obamacare ..... nobody was paying attention and then it got rammed through. Reid isn't going to take on gun control this year because he KNOWS it's a loser topic for the Dem's in the Senate. They have almost no chance of regaining the House this election and if they lose the Senate, then if Obama gets re-elected he will become a more impotent POTUS than Carter ;)

    But if the Dem's retain control of the Senate ..... GUARANTEED he brings gun control to the floor and passes it just like he did the tax cuts this week. Thus putting the GOP in the cross hairs of a hot button issue, making them them look bad.

    it most certainly does matter how Politicians flop one way or the other, most especially when it comes to the Constitution and Bill of Rights! :cool:
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    if the NRA had backed a conservative we wouldnt worry about which reid is flopping he would be unemployed...
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    I seem to remember a thread a couple weeks back where several of our members were bashing the NRA over there support of pro gun Liberals like Reed...:rolleyes:

    Many felt it was undesirable to have people on our side if they were not through and through red blooded conservatives...

    Some of you backed me up in defending the NRA's endorsement of candidates like Reed because often, in deeply Blue districts, the choice is between an C rated Democrat or an F rated Democrat...

    Don't get my wrong, in my book Prince Harry is about 1 peg above a steaming pile my dog deposited in the yard this morning but TODAY he's a full 2 pegs above that pile.

    I am grateful for his Rebuf of the President on this issue and I'm proud of my NRA because the idea of "no new gun control" this week is the only Bi Partisian anything we've seen during the *** HAT IN CHIEF's tenure. :)

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    Total nonsense. It wouldn't have mattered one iota if the NRA had backed a conservative, or anyone else for that matter. The Hispanics elected Reid because Sharron Angle was an idiot, and put her foot in her mouth regarding them. She became unelectable directly because of that. The NRA saw that Angle had little to no chance, and felt it better to deal with Reid and support him, rather than support a sure loser like Angle. You have to be elected before you can $h!t thunder and do great wonders.
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    Well! I read the article and had to open another "Krombacher" Weizen.