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    I've got a well used 92FS that has some wear in the finish, and is almost a gloss now from being "rubbed" so much over the years, as well as some spots where the black has worn away to bare aluminum/steel.

    wondering what is available to a home hobbyist do-it-yourself'er that's economical, yet still dependable/durable.

    I'm aware of the duracoat, but that seems to be just a paint with a hardener in it. they pictures I've seen all look amazing when it's fresh, but how do they look in 5 or 10 years?

    I'd prefer to avoid something that needs baked on, but it's not out of the question...I'm just not too keen on the idea of stripping the firearm down to a bare frame to avoid heat damage to springs or plastic parts. (although I don't think my older 92FS has any plastic on it) nor am I very keen on the thought of using my home kitchen oven that gets used to make dinner, to bake a finish onto a firearm.

    Plus, I think some of the parts in the Beretta are not meant to be taken apart by the home hobbyist, and requires special gunsmithing tools/equipment, which I don't have. buying new tools and stuff would quickly eliminate the affordability of doing it myself, and I might as well send it out for refinishing.

    I'm not sure what's involved in parkerizing, but I imagine it's similar process to plating, which requires a dunk tank, and special equipment to provide the positive/negative charge to get the plating to stick...again...not really affordable or practical for a one time hobbyist like myself.

    So what have you all used, and what has worked well and stood up over the years so far?

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    Your gun looks pretty good! A little touch-up cold blue for steel or Alumi-black for aluminum. Don't even need to as much as open the action.

    Or use a black permanent marker to touch it up.
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  3. John_Deer

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    It looks pretty good in my book. If I did refinish it I would send it back to Beratta. Home refinish jobs look like home refinish jobs. Jobs done by local gunsmiths look a little better. I have never dealt with Beratta. I had Ruger refinish my Super Blackhawk. It looked like a new gun when I got it back and I couldn't have done it any cheaper at home. Especially if your time and quality of the finish count for anything.
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    Honestly, it adds character.
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    Stillbatt- unless you plan to give your dog a couple of coats of linseed oil, yer posting in the wrong place. This is refinishing. There is a Hunting topic. Stroll over there and more likely to get an answer.
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    Gunsmithing != Refinishing Capability

    They are two different types of skill sets. If your intent is to pay someone to do it, then focus on someone with experience and proper equipment.

    I refinish out of my home, but I will take a guess when you used the term "home refinish" you mean someone with no experience doing it for the first time and not in a literal sense. lol

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