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    Hey fellow gun enthusiasts, I’d like to introduce you to a product that was developed by a personal friend of mine. He has put his entire life savings and then some into development and marketing of it.
    He is a machinist in his own one man machine shop and does some gun smithing for his friends. I have
    Seen and tried this product out and wonder why someone hasn’t came up with it before. It was
    Introduced at the wholesalers show a month and a half ago and again at the big shot show last weekend.
    It is introduced as “Redi Shooter” THE ONLY FULLY ADJUSTABLE LONG GUN HOLSTER
    He could use all the business he can get to help recoup his R&D costs. Check out his web site;
    RediShooter Thanks for looking!
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    It looks like it should go over well with the shotgun shooting sports. I'll bet dove hunters will buy them as it looks handy.