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I HAVE A REDFIELD 3x9 4-PLEX LPWF WITH ACCUTRAC purchased in 1979. I can't find the paperwork that came with the scope nor the Accutrac cams.
Where can I find the manual and spare parts.
I had one of those Accutrac's. I believe it was a 2x7.I don't have a manual I know of for it. I think I might have a set of the replacement dials.I'd have to go look.
If you're interested shoot me a PM or email. On the email subject put dial or Redfield.If the dials for a 2x7 are the same as for a 3x9 is anyones guess.
There was a place doing Redfield warranty work in Miami FL. It was ABO.I TRIED LOOKING IT UP with no results. It was if I'm not mistaken
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