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    I HAVE A REDFIELD 3x9 4-PLEX LPWF WITH ACCUTRAC purchased in 1979. I can't find the paperwork that came with the scope nor the Accutrac cams.
    Where can I find the manual and spare parts.
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    Well, if no one else ...

    Those scopes were made in the late 60s and 70s. They were good ones in most respects. If they are stored in hot places - like a car trunk - the range finding decal will soon peel off the glass but other than that they were ok.

    Instructions - the twin horizontal stada lines are 18" apart at 100 yards. That's the "average" chest depth of white tail deer, standing ground hogs, etc. You turn the power adjust ring until those lines bracket a deer's chest and read the range on the lowest part of the decal.

    Cams - ?? I don't remember any cams being available. You just have to know your trajectory and hold accordingly.

    Parts - The only spare parts I remember were some replacement knobs for the adjustments. Doubt you will find any, THAT part of Redfield is long gone, only the brand name remains as a division of Meade.

    American industrial management methods done by bean counters killed the original Redfield company off years ago, as they do most of the companies they gain control of. It ain't unions, or foreigners, or the gov. that kills most companies, it's their own foolish, college trained managment methods.
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    I had one of those Accutrac's. I believe it was a 2x7.I don't have a manual I know of for it. I think I might have a set of the replacement dials.I'd have to go look.
    If you're interested shoot me a PM or email. On the email subject put dial or Redfield.If the dials for a 2x7 are the same as for a 3x9 is anyones guess.
    There was a place doing Redfield warranty work in Miami FL. It was ABO.I TRIED LOOKING IT UP with no results. It was if I'm not mistaken