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Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by MTHunter, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. MTHunter

    MTHunter New Member

    Right now on my Savage Axis I have a Barska Ridgeline but am looking at upgrading the scope. Very interested interested in the Redfield Revenge. Wondering if anyone has any experience with them.

    How is the built in range finder?

    How is the clarity of the glass?

    How well does it hold zero?
  2. Gatoragn

    Gatoragn Active Member

    I have two Of the new Redfield products:

    1) 3x9x50 Revolution scope, nice clear scope holds zero on my H&R 280 Rem.

    2) Rampage spotting scope, I can see the .22 bullet holes in the target now when I shoot my AR at longer ranges.

    The Revolution series is made in Oregon, if you are mindful of such things.

  3. Triumphman

    Triumphman Active Member

    The Revenge Models are Chinese made. Maybe good Chinese, but might not, have the quality of the Revolution Models that are made by Leupold.
    Best way to tell, is look at Warranty, and see who does the Warranty work, and compare side/side with the other Redfield Models of Glass and see of any blurriness at edges, and how well they make out dark objects in the shadows at a distance. Clarity at top power is also a killer, for lots of cheaper Scopes.

  4. MTHunter

    MTHunter New Member

    thanks I will take a look at the Revolution series. The clarity is a real issue with my Barska and so is the fact it won't hold zero worth ****. Last thing I want to do is go hunting with it and wound an animal because the scope is off zero.
  5. NotMormon

    NotMormon Member

    I have a 4x12x40 Revolution on my 30-06 that is over three years old and has not been used lightly. It still has the same zero as the first sight in and the 1/4 clicks are spot on. Clarity is pretty good too. For $180, it has been a great scope.:)