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    Has anyone had any dealings with these guys? I'm looking at having a"tactical" .308 bolt gun put together. I've been designated "sniper" from my work(I hate that term for law enforcement, when I picture a sniper I think guys like Chris Kyle and Carlos Hathcock, both of whom I will obviously never be close to) but the paperwork says what it says. I've been issued an older 26" barrel Remington 700P in .308. The rifle itself is fine, but the optic are...well, crap. And it's a pretty basic stock rifle. I'm fortunate enough my agency will allow me to use personal weapons. I'm the kind of guy who prefers to own everything I use on duty. That way I can use exactly what I want and have an extremely high level of familiarity with it, especially in a specialty role such as precision marksmanship, where if you do take a shot, it has to be perfect. I've been to a basic to moderate courses, but have some more advanced training coming up so want my personal rifle to take.

    I'm looking to build a 20" barrel on a Remington 700 action, with a 1/10 twist rate. I'll top it with Nightforce glass. The prices on the website look pretty good to me. Especially for a semi-custom rifle.

    Here is a link to the one I'm looking at


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