red dot style crosshair???

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    i need to put an optic on my shotgun, (since i have a rail that cannot be removed) but not a red dot, i want something that doesn't take batteries. what i want is a wide angle? (idk what to call it) low or no zoom sight...basicly simple crosshair that has the look of a red dot. low power scopes just dont have a large enough field of vision for me..

    does anything like this exist?

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    I totally understand how you feel about batteries, I don't really like things that need em' either because they always seem to fail when you need them the most. I had a Trijicon on an AR build that I put together a few years ago and it was nice but not as bright as I'd have liked in dim light, it didn't have the dual option that the newer ones have, just ambient light only.
    Something to think about, with the price of the Trijicon you can buy a good Reflex Sight like the SightMark SM13003B which I just picked up on sale at Dunham's Sporting Goods for $30 to use on my air rifle and a lot of batteries to use in it.
    Here's the cross hairs that you get with this sight.

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    Get the Trijicon. Money well spent.