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Having a price range would help, as well as telling us what you want to do with it, what type of rifle you plan to mount it on, ect.

On the high end of things you have:




Middle of the road would include:



Economy models include BSA, Tasco, and various made in China Aimpoint clones. These cheaper sights will work fine on a rimfire. For anything bigger, or for serious duty your $$$ will be better spent on a higher end optic.

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Aimpoint 9000SC for $225

For anyone looking for a great deal on a Red Dot Scope....

Midway USA has their Aimpoint 9000SC Red Dot, in Real Tree Camo, with 4MOA dot on sale!!!

Regular price is $395

Sale price is $225!

And if you can wait until Friday, they have a Black Friday Sale, where you could take an additional $20 off that price

Just a heads will need a mount or some high rings.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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