Red dot+Magnifier for a CZ858?

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    So recently I have acquired a CZ 858, which is based on the Vz. 58. Though I'm probably no the first one to ask about mounting all sorts of goodies (though I will miss the tactical spork that my friend has on his C7). I was wondering if there are such a thing as low-rise/low-profile magnifiers on the market to match the profile of a Vortex Strikefire or Aimpoint T-1 micro or if I would have better luck mounting a monocular to a scope ring. thanks for the help guys.

    P.S. For those of you wondering, aside from the bullet and maybe the front sight there isn't a single component in common with the AK-47 that it looks a lot like.

    P.S.S. For those of you wondering what it is like on the reliability front, the gun has had around 1000 rounds through it for one stove pipe. I found it was smoother then the Remington R-15 and easier to control as well.
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    The only mounting solutions for the CZ 858/vz.58 that I'm aware of are pretty much the same as for an AK. Picatinny forend, mounting the optics on the top rail or a picatinny rail that attaches to a side rail (attached to the side of the receiver). When mounting a longer scope on top of the rifle, you'll need some sort of shell deflector because the vz.58 ejects almost straight up and without a deflector the brass will bounce off the scope back into the action causing a stoppage. Unfortunately I believe the picatinny rails that attach to the side rail are too short for a RD+magnifier combo. One solution would be mounting an ACOG or similar low magnification fixed optic that is short enough not to block the ejection port.