Red dot for a .22

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  1. kaido

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    Since I've got my scope figured out, I was wondering if anyone knows of a decent red for sight for a marlin XT-22.
    Im not looking for something to expensive.
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  2. kdog

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    I have a Bushnell Trophy 1x30 onmy Anschuetz520 that works pretty good.

  3. kaido

    kaido New Member

    Would it be possible to get a rough price on that?
  4. MidnightExpress

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    No, it's a secret. :p Shhh...

    Here's Bushnells site, but for some reason it quit working a few minutes ago. I was there looking at there manuals page and the whole site just froze.

    Bushnell - Hunting

    Optics Planet has a 28mm listed for about $90, not sure which model he has though. It would help narrow things down a bit. I should also say that I've never had much luck dealing with Optics Planet, they don't have the best inventory system. Everything I tried to order through them was back-ordered and I wasn't made aware of it until after my order was placed.

    Bushnell 1x28mm Trophy Red Dot Sight 730134 FREE S&H 73-0134. Bushnell Trophy Red Dot Sights, Bushnell Red Dot Sights.

    Here's a 30mm for less than $70 at Natchez.

    Bushnell Trophy 30mm Red Dot Sight 6 MOA Reticle Matte w/ Weaver Rings - Natchez Shooters Supplies

    Here's another 30mm at Pyramid Air, I've bought a few scopes and rings from them.

    Bushnell Trophy 1x28 Red Dot Sight, 30mm Tube, 6 MOA, Weaver Rings. Dot sights.

    One from Eabco.

    Bushnell Red Dot 4-Reticle Electronic Sight

    ...and one from Midway USA.

    Trophy Red Dot Sight 30mm Tube 1x 4-Pattern Reticle (3 MOA Dot 10 MOA Dot Crosshair Circle 3 MOA Dot) Weaver-Style Rings Matte

    BSA also has several to choose from.

    This one is $40 at their site, probably cheaper elsewhere.

    RD30 Illuminated Sight | BSA Optics

    Illuminated Sights - Sights for rifles, pistols bow hunting | BSA Optics

    You may have to purchase a Weaver or Picatinny rail for her Marlin rifle to use the Red Dot sights listed above. I don't think the two piece Weaver mount set-up will work and you may even have trouble getting the 3/8" dovetail Red Dot sights to work with her rifle being a bolt action. The gap (for ejecting spent brass or loading by hand) between the front and rear of the receiver might be an issue depending on which sight you choose.

    Diversified Innovative Products - Product Detail - Rimfire Bolt Action Scope Mount - $37.97
  5. cbibb

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    Go to Natchez sporting and you will find a red dot for you and your budget ranging from 20.00and up I would recommend a Bushnell decent quality don't get a reflective red dot cause in bright light they don't work well allot of them mount like a scope need a weaver mount good luck
  6. kaido

    kaido New Member

    I don't have that store up here in Canada. If I did then I would gladly go and check it out.

    Only stores that we have up here are Cabelas, Magnum Gun Out fitters and Whole Sale sports. Well....those went the only ones in Canada, their just the only ones I know of for sure. There's also one called Prophet River Arms as well.
  7. twotater38

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    Not sure if Natchez has a store or retail place I think that they are just to order from. They also won't sell to residents of GA or TN.
  8. rjgnwdc

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    i have a Tasco RedDot for my Ruger MKIII it was $35 work real good those little varmits don't have a chance.
  9. BodySnatcher

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    I have that same red dot just with leaper's branding on it. Its on one of my Marlin 795s, zero'd at 50 yards. With it set to a low power setting the dot is quite small allowing for quarter sized targets to be hit with regularity. Fun sight at a great price.