recticle leveling system

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  1. rfowlie

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    How important is it to use a scope/reticle devise when mounting a scope?
    I have seen a reticle mounting system advertised for about $150 I have never seen one used before. So the question is "are they necessary?"
  2. jpattersonnh

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    No. I have a cheaper gun vise that I lock the rifle into and level it. I then make sure I have a window frame, half wall that is also level. I set the horizontal up on that.

  3. JonM

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    for hunting purposes under 300yards not very. a good eyeballing or aligning on a vertical level object or plumb line is sufficient.

    its really needed for 300+ yard shots tho.

    i typically level the rifle using a flat spot on the reciever the confirm level of the base. then confirm base is level. then mount the rings get eye relief mark it with tape. then get it all leveled again and mount the scope. i frequently recheck level to make sure nothing moved. typicaly the upper scope cap has a flat spot that is level. whether the cap is level to the reticle depends on the quality of the scope.

    the following is how I confirm that the xhairs track level or not:

    the technique i use to confirm level to bore is draw a horizontal line on the bottom of a target using a square then draw a 90 degree vertical 20" tall lines need to be visible through the scope at 100yds. sight in the rifle to be zero at 100yds. then use bottom of the verticle line intersection with the horizontal be sure the xhairs are square to the line. fire a group at the bottom the adjust the scope up 20" then use the same point of aim fire another group. your scope will be centered and level if you have both groups 20" apart at the top and bottom of the verical line.

    if its not on the line make a reference mark with a crayon or sharpie if you dont care if its permanent. loosen the rings then if your off center to the right turn the scope very very slightly right. same applies to left.

    then repeat the above. be sure to rezero the scope before confirming alignment.

    normally most bases will be level and level to the reciever. this proccess will confirm that alignment.

    this may also be the same or similar procedure the soviets used to get the mosin PU sniper scope square to the bore.