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    In 1958, I was transitioning from Cub Scout/Webelos to Boy Scouting. I got a copy of the recent book On Your Own In The Wilderness co-authored by Brad Angier.

    It was life changing.

    Now, at 69 with a serious heart condition, I have few illusions about surviving a world altering upheaval. I live at the end of a very long VA meds supply line, and those meds are essential to my continued life.

    But my Daughter's family is all acquainted with the back woods and proficient with the tools of survival, including long guns. We all already live in a farming community, so any trek is not an issue. They recognize that survival is not just about survival skills, so music is another part of their lives, and they all have leadership training, compliments of BSA and 4H.

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    There is allot out there.
    Some my favorites.
    Fur Fish and Game AH Harding press books.

    By E.N. Woodcock - Gain a vast store of knowledge of the outdoor life through 50 years of experience of veteran trapper/hunter, E.N. Woodcock. 318 pages.

    By E. Kreps - How to erect tents and shelters, build permanent log camps, make hunting boats, canoes, skis, toboggans, and trail sleds, along with info about camping equipment and cooking. 273 pages with 68 illustrations.

    I remember a old college text book from 1919
    I forget the University that had it, but was chock full of turn the 20th century agricultral science. Something like 98 courses in Agriculture darn thing was like 3 inches thick.
    Had land selection, soil nutients, layout of trees, crops and rotation, livestock selection, breeding, basic veteranary for farmers, building construction of all buildings with economy of space and practical layout, including rootcellars and ice houses, spring houses, and corn cribs and grainiries, a exhastive section on forage and grain crops and selecting seed to keep for planting.
    Id left the darn thing with my folks 30 years ago, Mom sold it at a yard sale.. :(

    A few books on plumbing, basic electricty and Gun Digest books on firearms assembly

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