Recommend me the mildest recoiling 38sp ammo

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by gilfo, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. gilfo

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    Just bought a Ruger SP101 for the wife to use at home. She is not a shooter so I am looking for the mildest commercial recoiling 38sp to teach her how to shoot it. Don't want to scare her away with something that is going to beat her up. Also something for SD/HD down the line.
  2. CHLChris

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    One thing with a revolver is you don't have to worry about it cycling. A semi-auto must fire loads of some minimum amount of power or it won't recycle.

    Well, if you take away reloads as an option (probably the best option since you could dial in a pretty low-power load), then anything with "Target/Practice" in the title would probably work.

    I'm thinking Winchester White Box bulk packs at Walmart...that sort of load.

  3. Logan2302

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    I saw some full wadcutters the other day at my gun,knife,bow store. They are generally light loads. I think the tech term for the bullet is "wadcutter", not full wadcutter. I don't remember if they had 'target' load marked on them or not.
  4. stalkingbear

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    I'd look for wadcutter loads or cowboy action shooting loads. Either 1 should be extremely light recoiling in your wife's SP101. You can buy commerically loaded mild reloads as well. Stay away from any +P loads to start with.
  5. JTJ

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    The SP101 does not have a lot of recoil with the standard 38 spl loads. Mine hates 147 gr wadcutters but every gun is different. I gave a way a bunch. You still want it to be accurate. Win white is probably the easiest one to find and mild enough for training. Lawman and Blazer will be a little hotter. The +P loads are good for self defence. The Winchester white box 357 mag 110gr semi jacketed hollow points are a mild mag load. I have Crimson trace LG111 laser grips on mine and the trigger has been worked over.
  6. billdeserthills

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    I think that while you are trying to shield your wife, in actuality you are doing her a grave dis-service. I agree that she will likely begin to flinch being un-used to recoil and that is a good reason to load with snap-caps interspersed with live loads on the range. Of course if she sees you are loading this way that will undoe the entire exercise
  7. CHLChris

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    bill might be right. How about starting with larger, heavier guns that absorb the recoil. Half the fear of recoil is just the huge burst of adrenaline you get the first few shots you hear when you're at the range. With experience, recoil just sort of fades into background of your thought process. A .38 spl snub isn't exactly the easiest for anyone to fire from a recoil perspective.
  8. oldgrunt

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    Go with the wadcutter/target loads. I used to load full wadcutter loads for my S&W 52 and it wasn't much more than a .22.
  9. JonM

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    the very first handgun my wife ever fired in her life or even held was my 50AE desert eagle. she loves it. she shoots 4 inch groups at 25 yards with it. it took her a long time to learn it.

    my point is let her try for herself. dont psych her out teach her correct way to hold proper trigger squeeze and lots of dry fire. getting used to it before firing a round is the best way.

    she may surprise you. women are way to often under rated by men in their ability. grown 6'6" 250 pound bruisers walk away crying after firing my cz550 458lott with 510grain elephant bullets. my wife after proper training on how to fire a big bore is able hit target with all bullets from the mag.
  10. canebrake

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    Here's the best deal I could find for you, and its on sale!

    Prvi Partizan 38 Spl 158 Gr LRN 50 rdn box On Sale For: $13.99 or 1K/$279.95

    Prvi Partizan 38 Special 158 Gr LRN


    I find this Serb ammo to be loaded on the light side and its the best practice ammo if you intend to shoot a lot with a light revolver. It allows me to shoot my 13.4oz LCR with a smile on my face. :p

    Now if you want to carry that SP101 you will not find a better PD load than the Buffalo Bore Heavy .38 Special +P.

    Buffalo Bore Heavy 38 Special + P


    Heavy .38 Special +P Ammo - 158 gr. LSWCHP-GC (1,000fps/M.E. 351 ft.lbs.) $26.66/20

    Heavy .38 Special +P Ammo - 125 gr. LV-JHP (1,050fps/M.E. 306 ft. lbs.) $26.66/20
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  11. Overkill0084

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    If you can find some Wadcutter loads, those will work great for you purpose. However the ones I've seen tend to be expensive and less common compared to other, more standard loads. I have some Remington/UMC standard 130gr RNMC .38 special loads. They are reasonably mild, and might just be good for your intended use.
    If you have access to a range that rents guns, I would look into perhaps renting a .22 revolver for the initial training. Recoil is a non-issue with a .22, thus you can concentrate on the basics. Ammo is cheap too.
    If you have the space at home, you might consider an air pistol. I still shoot in my garage now and again. I used an air pistol for the Day 1 familiarization with my son & wife. If you have even a small amount of space this can be a useful option. You could easily set this up for less than a $100. Inexpensive air pistol, a cheap trap, targets, safety glasses, pellets & your in business.