Recomendations for a first deer rifle for a teen

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by gunboy245, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. gunboy245

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    I'm 15 years old and I'm taking suggestions for a good deer rifle what do you think would be a good gun for me?
  2. Jagermeister

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    Are your guardians aware you are asking about firearms on this forum? Ask your guardians to take you to a good hunting or gun store to try different styles, calibers etc.

  3. Steel_Talon

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    Good for you son......

    Your size and girth play a lot towards fit and feel of a good deer rifle.

    Young man's new deer gun? I'd say a Savage Axis package in 7mm-08..
    would be hard to beat for a first deer rifle.
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  5. Sniper03

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    Glad to have you with us on the Forum! When you get a chance introduce yourself in that section of the Forum. As Steel Talon advised the size and stature of an individual is a factor particularly when choosing your first high powered rifle and caliber. Not knowing that it is a guess! It also depends on where you live and the terrain. Open or wooded for example. Distance you will be shooting and other issues. Off hand just guessing I would say a 243 Winchester or 308 Winchester. As far as the rifles I am not one for the low ball discount rifles. But there are many good rifles out there for the money with good quality. Mossberg, Marlin, Winchester, Remington, Savage, Howa and others. As well as a lot of great buys on used rifles since most of the time a guy or gal buys them on a whim and never really uses them. Finding them in like new condition for a great price.
    Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future. It is always great when young people are entering the shooting sport! If you have not might think about also joining the NRA if you do not belong!

  6. MOshooter

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    Lots of good caliber suggestions.another to add to the list to research 260 rem.

    I bought my son a 7mm-08 when he started deer hunting,he's still very happy with the rifle and cartridge 15 years later.
  7. eatmydust

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    Best options depend on your location! In the East & SE, a .30-30 lever action is an excellent 1st deer gun, out West, a .243, .308, .260 bolt action are better choices.
  8. Axxe55

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    PM one of the Mods on getting this moved to the General Rifle section. it will get more replies and suggestions for you to give consideration.

    BTW, welcome to the forum and stop over in the Introductions section and say hello! :D

    given your age, a lot of what you choose will based on your shooting experiances and ability. also your size will play alot into this as well. i have seen 15 yo boys that still needed more of a youth sized rifle given their size, and i have seen some 15 yo boys that could handle some of the more adult sized rifles and calibers.

    tell us a little more about yourself and your experiance with guns. what type of hunting are you planning on doing?

    the more details we have, the better our suggestions will be.
  9. readygirl

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    30-30 lever guns make for good first deer rifles..and will be a gun that you will enjoy owning long after you have moved up to bigger and better. Not much recoil, lightweight, simple to load and operate, short enough for a young person to easily maneuver in brush/climbing stands, more than enough power to take a deer under 150yrds.
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  10. readygirl

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    And there are several companies that make very nice, inexpensive, Weaver style scope mounts for lever guns. Nc Star is one that we carry. About $12.00
  11. c3shooter

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    Gunboy- welcome to the forum. Stop by the intro thread and say hello.

    To our members- we have members here as young as 13 with their parents OK. Most of our younger folks have been well mannered and polite members of the forum.

    I did move your thread to where it will get more attention, and modified the title so folks know what you are looking for (without having to open the thread to see).

    As said, much of the choice will be based on WHERE you are, WHAT you are physically (6'2" or 5"2") and what prior experience you have had with firearms.

    There are DOZENS of right answers. And as mentioned, there is a large market of USED firearms in very good condition- do not overlook that market.
  12. rockratt

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    Be hard to say without knowing what you like. Lever,bolt, semi auto. Lotsa good choices out there. As for caliber my first was a 243 and you cant go wrong with it on whitetails but the 7mm-08 and 308 are superb rounds as well. Once again lotsa good choices .. As already said we need a little more information!!!!
  13. fisher79

    fisher79 New Member

    May sound crazy but if your a smaller stature and its legal a .204 ruger will drop a deer no problem (neck shots) other than that a 243 win will do just fine. I'm 33 and still shoot one. Try one out with 95 grn ballistic tips
  14. Apex-Predator

    Apex-Predator New Member

    Cartridge, keep it in the 10-15lbs recoil range, in that range I would opt for the 7mm-08, 25-06 or one of the mid ranged 6.5mms like the 6.5x55, 260, or 6.5 Creedmore. The 270 Winchester is right at the upper end of that range but is another dandy cartridge and you can get ammo anywhere.
    Rifle, there are several good options out there, my personal favorite is my Tikka T3 in 6.5x55 but my Savages are a great value. I like the feel of the new Ruger American and it has a nice recoil pad which any youth shooter would enjoy, they are inexpensive too, if I were to buy a budget rifle for a new shooter a Ruger American in 7mm-08 or 243 would be a REALLY strong contender.
  15. DrumJunkie

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    A lot will depend on the range you're shooting as well as what your size and experience can deal with safely.
    I'd second the 30 30 lever gun. But most the deer shooting we do in my area of the world i inside 150 yds. Been more deer taken with a 30 30 than any two other calibers, at least in my neck of the woods. With the Hornady Lever Evolution rounds it's even more effective.
  16. JimRau

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    If you are 'big' for your age you have many more options. If not there are several youth size rifles out there (you can use as an adult just by placing spacers between the stock and recoil pad, it can 'grow' with you);). I recommend the Rem 700 in 7-08. Please do not get drawn into a 243!!!! It is a very good varmint caliber, but marginal as a big game caliber. The 260 Rem or the 7-08 are FAR AND AWAY a better choices.
    Hope this helped.
  17. cottontop

    cottontop Guest

    Please pay no attention to the above post as the poster knows very little about the .243 and/or deer rifles in general. Some people have read too many gun magazine articles and believe themselves to be rifle experts when in fact they are not and should not be offering advice to new shooters. The fact is that the .243 and similar cartridges such as the 6mm Remington, the .250-3000 Savage, and the .257 Roberts are great deer and antelope rounds and are not marginal at all. They are also great varmint rounds. Just make sure you use the right bullet for the game being sought (but that is true for all calibers). These rounds are very accurate and low recoiling and enable the shooter to place his/her bullet into the right spot. Take the advice of old cottontop, who has owned, shot, reloaded for and killed more game than most gun writers have in the past 50 years. Practical experience has paid off in increased knowledge.
  18. racer_x

    racer_x New Member

    Winchester featherlight in .257 roberts

    The one I still kick myself for parting with.
  19. huffmanite

    huffmanite New Member

    I too, agree with you getting a 7mm-08, over say a .243. Only advantage I can see of the 243 is its ammo is more commonly found in stores than the 7mm-08.

    As to brand of rifle, for an entry type rifle I'd go with a Ruger American or Marlin XS. I would not suggest an Axis.
  20. racer_x

    racer_x New Member

    Im still wondering what kinda terrian the OP is gana hunt in?