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    Hey all, I have a .22 rifle that I love shooting as well as a .45 handgun. Naturally, I'm going to need another rifle ( it's required, right:D). Anyway, I also have a nagging shoulder problem that will require surgery fairly soon. I'd like to get something that would be a good hunting gun should I decide to go. It would likely only see action for deer. My question is recoil. I've not had any experience shooting anything larger than a .22, so I'm unsure what kind of kick to expect. I was considering something like a .270. Any info would be great!
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    I know a lot of folks like the .243 and the .257 Roberts for good light deer calibers.

    We have a couple of real hunting experts on here, so I would expect some good posts in the next couple of hours.

    As for recoil, there are several things I would suggest to tame the snap. A muzzle break, which vents gas out and away at the muzzle will increase the noise near the hunter, but definitely reduce the recoil.

    A good quality, dense material recoil pad like a Pachmayr Decelerator would definitely help.

    If you can stand the extra weight, a bit of a heavier rifle will allow you to ride out the recoil instead of having that vicious snap from a light, hiking style pack in rifle.

    Best of luck in your search -


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    As Big D said the 243 and the 257 Robert are good choices. the 270 is based on the 30-06 and would carry more recoil than most shoulder injuries could handle.

    I would also look at the 6x47mm which is a 222 Rem Mag necked up to a 6mm recoil will be very light and range will not be far (Your not going to be taking 400 or 500 yard shots). The 7m international is another round. But with both you are going to have to have a rifle chambered in them. You would need to buy a custom barrel.

    The best thing about the 6x47mm is it can be chambered in any AR I believe.
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    All other things being equal, heavier gun= less recoil. A good pad (Limbsaver has real good ratings) will help. MOST .243s and 30-30s have managable recoil. Autos tend to recoil less than bolts, etc.