Recoil reduction on an AK

Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by Ruzai, Dec 13, 2010.

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    I am not a recoil wuss, by far, but some of the people I shoot with are, some of them are children...literally 13 year olds from 4-H.

    I've got an ATI Strikeforce 6 position aluminum buffer tube stock meant for an AR on my AK via a stock converter. I've never owned an AR before so I've never really messed with the whole buffer tube setup until now.
    I've heard when people put heavier recoil springs or buffer in their AR that it can cause the gun to not cycle correctly. Same thing as limp wristing a pistol I would guess.
    My question is, would putting in a heavier recoil spring and buffer in my stock do the same with my AK since I dont rely on the DI gas system?
    Would this make the rifle too mushy of a recoil to cycle correctly or would the spring under the dust cover do all the work pushing the bolt back into battery every time?
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    I see no one has replied to your thread and I think you have a good question, but I have no definite answer.

    First I have to advise you to let the 13yr old kids become recoil comfortable. That age is when most children get over the fear of shooting a heavy recoiling gun and the AK isn't all that bad. My brother and I (along with any cousin that came to Grampa's house to shoot) were comfortable with a 12 gauge before the age of 10.

    Back to the question: Just try it out. The AK is over gassed, so losing some of the force to a buffer in the stock shouldn't make it fiail to cycle.

    However, if it was me I'd buy them a leather slip on recoil pad. (limbsaver or whatever) I actually use one with a chopped up Mossberg recoil plate to extend the length of my stock. I'm 6'3 + and it does wonders for speed, control and accuracy. A simple wrap around with some leather and "Goop" and you could make it permanent.

    Also, tape some foam at the butt-plate and check weld, if they really can't handle it. That way you're AK still looks like an AK should! :)