Reciprocal agreements between States

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    I have a concealed carry permit from Georgia and want to find out what states I can carry in that will recognize my Georgia permit. I've seen charts and graphs from the NRA and other web sites that are not in agreement. For instance, Alabama is a complete toss up. I'd like to be able to travel in Florida this month without getting into trouble there. Anyone know where I can get a definitive ruling?


    PS: I did find the information that I was looking for at:
    If there are other places that would also be helpful, I'd appreciate knowing about them.
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    chuck, thanks for the link!

    Talon - I live in the HHI/Savannah area. I know GA and SC don't recognize each others permits, but SC-holders can get a non-resident Florida permit and that allows carry in GA and many other places.

    You should see if your also eligible for the FL non-resident permit.