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    There is a thread in the hunting section for wild game recipes. Let's start another thread for any other recipes you'd like to share. Here's one from Teri.

    Teri's Black Bean Turkey Chili recipe


    2 pounds ground turkey
    2 cans whole tomatoes with juice 28 oz.
    3 cans black beans with juice 15 oz.
    1 can condensed tomato soup 10 oz.
    1 can tomato paste (optional) 6 oz.
    2 large diced onions
    2 large diced bell peppers
    4 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
    2 tbsp crushed oregano
    2 tbsp minced or diced garlic (use 2 crushed cloves if fresh)
    2 tbsp mild or spicy chili powder
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Brown turkey meat with all dry ingredients with oil, onions and peppers, stirring as needed.
    Add all canned ingredients.
    Simmer till hot …. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. For a more tomato taste add 8 oz can of tomato

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    This is one of my favorite sandwiches to make.


    Italian Beef Grilled Cheese on Rye

    I first buttered the inside of the bread and grilled it so that the bread would not get soggy and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I buttered the outside and put together the sandwich. I used Italian beef, smoked provolone, grilled onion, mayo, and spicy mustard. It was really good!! I make it with smoked Gouda too.
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    Here's an easy crock pot pulled pork. You can use homemade BBQ sauce, but hubby likes Sweet Baby Ray's.


    Cherry Coke Pulled Pork

    Pork Roast - 2.5 pounds (or whatever size you want)
    can of Cherry Coke
    brown sugar
    sweet onion
    Sweet Baby Rays - Hickory and Brown Sugar

    I cut the sweet onion and left it in thick rings and set it on the bottom of the crock pot. I rubbed the pork roast with brown sugar and then cut the pork roast in half and set it on the onions. The onions are to keep the meat off of the bottom of the crock pot. Add the can of Cherry Coke, to the crock pot and I added some minced garlic. I also added a little bit of lemon juice. I cooked on low for about 10 hours. I then drained most of the Cherry Coke. I then shredded the pork and added the Sweet Baby Rays. Add as much or as little as you would like. I let it sit in the crock pot for about 15 minutes longer to warm up the BBQ sauce. We had it on onion rolls with cole slaw. It was fantastic and so easy.
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    Im sure my wife might have something to contribute.....
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    This is a great deer jerky recipe. You can use beef, elk or other red meat. EVERYBODY who tries my recipe will love it.

    2 lbs. of meat.
    1/2 cup of soy sauce.
    1/2 cup worchester sauce.
    1 table spoon of garlic powder.
    2 table spoons of brown sugar.
    2 table spoons of ketchup.
    2 1/2 tea spoons of salt.
    1/2 tea spoon of onion powder.
    3/4 tea spoon of black pepper.
    2 table spoons of steak sauce, your choice.
    A dash of old bay seasoning.
    Course red pepper a little if you like it spicy.

    I have found that 6-7 hrs is plenty of time depending on thickness of the meat. Real thick pieces 3/8" or greater 8 hrs..
    After about 3 hrs. I rotate the trays ie. the bottom goes on top and vice versa.

    Make a batch then add or subtract to personal taste. I'm confident ya'll will love this.

    Cut up meat.

    Marinate. 20-24 hrs.

    Load dehydrator. 4-5 trays total. Rotate trays a couple of times.

    6-8 hrs later its time to eat.
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    I'm not only subscribing, I'm salivating over all these good lookin' eats!
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    gonna need a mop for my drool here shortly!:D
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    An easy one,,, Deer and tater casserole,

    2 lbs ground deer, elk, whatever you have,
    3 cans of sliced potatoes,
    2 cans whole kernel corn,
    8 oz. shredded cheese,, I use cheddar.

    Brown meat, season and spice as you would normally for your taste.
    Drain potatoes and fry,, they don't brown very well but no biggie.
    Heat corn.

    Spray down a casserole dish with Pam or the like, put down half of the potatoes on the bottom,
    The next layer, half the corn,
    The next half the meat,
    Sprinkle on about a third of the cheese,
    Repeat the layers, use the rest of the cheese on top.
    Put in the oven covered at about 325 for 15 to 20 minutes.

    It comes out pretty decent and the leftovers , if any, go pretty quick.
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    If you like steak:

    First of all NEVER freeze a steak. If you freeze it, it gonna be tough.

    Take the steak out of the fridge and place it uncovered on the counter. Lightly salt the meat. Let it sit until it reaches room temperature. During this process, the meat will absorb the salt.

    Once it reaches room temperature cover it in a light coating of olive oil. (This keeps the juices in). Season it with what ever seasoning you like. All I use is black pepper.

    Gas: cook on medium heat until medium rare or medium

    Wood/charcoal: see gas instructions

    Disclaimer: cooking a steak past medium should be a sin.
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    That looks incredibly delicious.

    Sounds great. Sweet Baby Ray's is my favorite BBQ sauce, too.

    I think I need to buy a dehydrator. That looks so good it almost made me cry. LOL I have made beef jerky in an oven. I just cook it on real low, about 200 degrees, until the meat is dry.
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    Crispy fried backstrap cutlets:

    Marinade in 50% Worcestershire sauce 50% Allegra game tame for 1/2 hour.

    Dip in 1 cup milk, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon Tabasco garlic sauce

    Batter with 1 cup flour, 1 cup Italian bread crumbs, 1 teaspoon Tony's, 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese

    Fry at 300 degrees for 7-9 minutes, stop right before they turn golden brown

    Remove from grease.

    Turn up fryer to max temperature

    Fry for 60 seconds or until golden brown.
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    What kind of dehydrator do you have. I like small kitchen appliances and now I think I have to have a dehydrator.
  14. Axxe55

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    easy fried egg and bacon sandwiches.

    extra large eggs. fried.
    four slices of bacon per sandwich. fried.
    salt and pepper to taste.
    Texas Toast, toasted.
    Miracle Whip.

    fry the eggs and bacon. toast the bread. spread on Miracle Whip. assemble with lettuce, tomato and onion.

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    Winds his looks to be an Oster. :)
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    and dehydrators come in different sizes. i am sure you can find a size that suits your needs. the one Limbkiller has pictured, doesn't look very big.
  17. winds-of-change

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    Any suggestions on a good one from anyone else who uses a dehydrator? I Googled dehydrators and there are all kinds in a large price range. I certainly don't need a huge, professional one. And I'm usually cooking for just me.
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    This weekend we've had power out, so I broke out the cast iron skillet and Dutch oven to keep the family fed off the grill.


    Soaked some flank steak in half a bottle of beer with a clove of garlic that was minced. Also added a tsp of salt, a tsp of black pepper, a tsp of cumin, and a couple tbsp of lemon juice and a couple tbsp of olive oil. I let that marinade while I went and picked up a red and green bell pepper. Cut the peppers and half the onion into julienne strips. Got the grill going and cooked the flank steak about 3-4 minutes per side and then removed the meat to slice it while I got the skillet going with the onions and peppers in another 2 tbsp of olive oil. Once the onions and peppers began to get soft I tossed the beef strips back into the skillet and covered it with the Dutch oven lid for about 3 minutes after adding another dash of black pepper and salt. Tortillas were wrapped in foil and on the "cool" side of the grills upper rack getting warmed up. Removed everything and served hot with some guacamole and salsa, and a squeeze of lime juice.

    Used coals on the Dutch oven to make pineapple upside down cake.

    Put about a quarter inch of water in the bottom of the Dutch oven. Build a foil pan out of layers of foil just down to the water line. I had a couple boxes of Jiffy yellow cake mix mixed to box instructions (1 egg and some water per package).
    Sprinkle a quarter cup of brown sugar in the foil along with two tbsp of butter that is crumbled and distributed around the foil. Lay down pineapple slices. Add some maraschino cherries into the pineapple rings. Then pour in the cake batter. Cover the oven with its lid and place over a ring of coals and add more coals on the lid, shooting for a temp of around 350 degrees. Let it bake for about 30-40 minutes and check it until a toothpick comes out clean. Lift out the foil and flip your cake onto a serving plate.

    Also did chicken pot pie, but that was finished off in the electric oven when the power was on. But it's still nice that you can cook the whole thing from burner to oven in the same pan, using cast iron.
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    Grilled bologna and cheese

    Two pieces of bread

    Butter one side on the two pieces bread put a piece of cheese and bologna between them with the butter on the outer side of the sandwich and fry in a pan till cooked how you like them.

    It test awesome plus you can fry up some peppers and onions to put on it also and it taste pretty good.

    Also pretty good with fries and a cold beer. :D