Recession Buster Revolver: Charter Arms .38 Special

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    SGT-MILLER New Member

    Charter Arms .38 Special


    Model: 13811

    Finish: Blued

    Frame: Stainless Steel

    Grip: Compact rubberized

    Barrel Length: 2 inches

    Capacity: 5 rounds

    Caliber: .38 Special

    Weight (Empty): 16 ounces

    Hammer: DAO (Double Action Only)

    Suggested Retail: $365.00 (Sometimes found for cheaper)


    This revolver is rated for +P loading. The sights are fixed and low profile. The barrel is one piece with a shrouded ejector rod.

    This revolver is very simple is design and function which makes it a popular choice for self protection. The reviews of this brand of revolver are generally positive. The value, and versatility of this weapon makes it a great choice for home defense or as a carry-conceal option.

    For more information visit: Welcome to Charter Arms

  2. dnthmn2004

    dnthmn2004 New Member

    I've been looking for a snub nose for this summer, but I don't really want to dish out the money for a S&W and a Ruger is a little too big in my mind. I'm going to have to look into this. Does anyone have any personal experience with Charter Arms?

  3. propex

    propex New Member

    I carried a Charter Arms Bulldog 44 spl for many years. Easy to conceal in a coat pocket or in jeans. Accurate and seemed well made. Not the finish of a Smith and Wesson but not the cost either. If you are looking for something to carry and not a range tool than these revolvers well do the job, but if you are going to send 1000s of rounds down the tube look else where
  4. Lefty

    Lefty New Member

    Surprisingly good gun

    I've had a Charter Arms Undercover .38 snub nose for about 12 years. I put probably 200 rounds a year through it and it puts five nice holes in the same general area just like a snub nose should.

    I have small hands and I like the fit of the Undercover. The newer models have rubber grips, but the ergonomics are the same. It's really a nice gun for the money. I'll probably sell mine when I find a Colt DS. I would like that sixth shot.
  5. hossman

    hossman New Member

    I just purchased a Charter Arms Pug, 357, hammer-less. I took it out to the range and after 10 rounds my hand hurt from recoil to the point I was glad it was over. I can shoot 38 spec. in it more comfortably.
  6. M14sRock

    M14sRock New Member

    I had a couple of Bulldog Pugs back in the 80's and they were great. The bbl shroud would come off of the S/S one, but we coated it with rd loctite and it never worked loose again.

    I also had one of their snub .38's and it shot fine. But I only fired it a few times before selling it. It is still "in the family" and going strong last time I heard.

    The CA were good, inexpensive guns. I hope the new ones are made as well.
  7. keymastr5912

    keymastr5912 New Member

    i carried a CA 38 undercover as my back-up to my issue weapon for quite a few years. good reliable little revolver. i fired several hundred rounds through mine with no problems. if the new ones are like the older ones they should be OK.:)
  8. masterPsmith

    masterPsmith New Member

    I've had a few of them through the years and they are great little guns for the price. Accuracy was good and very reliable. I have never had any that I sold through my shop come back for any type of repairs.
  9. UnderFire

    UnderFire New Member

    I saw the Undercover at a recent gun show for $319.
    I was looking at them hard, because of the price.
    Felt good in my hand, compact and lightweight.
    I'm not needing another .38 revolver, but I'm
    sort of regreting passing on it. :(
  10. Going Postal

    Going Postal New Member

    I presently have one Charter Arms undercover. My son is a small town cop and wanted something for backup. I did some research and decided on the Charter Arms .38. I let my son "borrow" it on the day I bought it so I have never fired it:(.