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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by SmithKid308, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. SmithKid308

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    So I just bought a Mosin for 50$. But there's a catch the barrel is not chrome lined barrel and the guy shot corrosive ammo through it but only did it once with out cleaning it so my question is is there any way I can get that out of the barrel and it the barrel be fine?
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    Scrub it first with soap and hot water, to remove the salt. Then a regular cleaner. What does the bore look like? Is the rifling still sharp all the way through? Any pitting?
    The Mosin is a tough nut, in general. A lot of them sold here have probably never been cleaned.
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  3. c3shooter

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    "Corrosive" ammo means that the primer uses Potassium Chlorate instead of Lead Azide. When it fires, it burns to Potassium Chloride. The first cousin to Sodium Chloride- table salt. left uncleaned in the barrel, it will start the steel to rusting. Do it enuff times, rust will eat pits in the barrel,

    To clean the barrel, remove bolt, use funnel in the chamber, pour a quart of HOT water thru the barrel, then put a couple of drops of Dawn dish detergent on a bore brush, and scrub one minute. Pour 2 more quarts of hot water slowly down the barrel, let drip. Dry patch. Let set for 10 minutes, then run an oiled patch down the barrel. Done. Do it again in a week to get any salt that was hiding from you in the grooves.

    Look at the bore now- unless it looks like it has acne, will probably shoot OK. These are NOT target rifles- OK means you can hit a man at 400 meters.
  4. SmithKid308

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    There is no pitting in the barrel , and while we're on the subject how can you tell if a barbell is chrome lined?
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    From what I know mosin rifle barrels were not chrome lined but I may be wrong.
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    Listen to this guy (c3shooter) he has some darn good info !.................