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    As a vendor, I apologize for not having any one-of-a-kind handmade knives to offer. I have been able to keep up with the orders, but haven't had time to make any extra ones to list on the Forum. Should anyone want a high carbon stainless steel blade, or flint knapped obsidian blade, knife, feel free to contact me. I still use specially treated elk antler handles with a fancy wooden end cap, or specially treated, finely sanded and polished deer antler handles with a burr. Occasionally I use deer or coyote jaw bone, Water Buffalo horn or ivory Wart Hog tusk handles. I have attached photos of a few of the most recent knives I've completed.

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    Good looking work, I played around with the flint knapping for a while. The small tip on you knife is very hard to do, I broke off several in my time. Looks good.