Recent buggy mods n' projects...

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by DuraCoater, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Decided to make a project out of the stock head lamps. Have to do some final detail work to clean them up still, but for most part done on the first one.

    Prep them up the usual way, then used a self etching primer and VHT performance epoxy paint. :)

    Right side will be the same, but the "eyebrow" will be reversed. Now my buggy can be all like, "GRRR WUT U LOOKIN AT?!?!?"

    Ignore the dull look in the refinished one, its because it doesn't have the reflective bulk housing back in it yet...


    Also my new side mirrors will be here Monday:


    Oddly enough I think I will be registering my buggy in the end as a Roadster here in GA. Starting to look like one...

    And this should be here Tuesday. Because having the turn signals on the dash is WEIRD. Universal steering column mount! :)