Reblued Colt Python value

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  1. Hey all,

    I'm currently in the market for a 6" Blued Colt Python, pre-elite era.
    I was about to have a deal with someone when the seller realized after showing the gun to a gunsmith that it had been refinished (looks 99%). The seller is not the first owner, doesn't have the box or papers, doesn't know when the gun was manufactured yet (he emailed Colt). The grips with the gold medallion look to be in pristine condition. What do you think would be a fair price based on my description? I know it's missing a few crucial details like who refinished it and when was the gun built. Let's assume it's a 1980 production and give me a price estimate based on if it was refinished by Colt or not.


    PS: does Colt keep track of serial numbers of guns that come in for refinishing etc?
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    go on a colt fourm and you can find the date it was made as for the value i have seen used ones in 70-75% going for $700-$800 range. being reblued it loses it's collector value but if it is in good working order someone is always looking for a good shooter. i would think that yours would go for around that same price if not more. now if it was redone by colt then it would be in the $900-$1100 range. you can look on gun broker and get an ideal of what other people are asking. one thing about the python is they are always going up in price..

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    Who reblued it? A reblued gun wont fetch the same price as an original in similar condition but value depends on whether it was reblued by Colt or a gun smith. No one can match Colts blue.

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    Well, i'd dearly love to find a Python in 99% reblued by Colt for $1100 :eek:
    Yes, check GB BUT pay little attention to ASKING prices--Check completed auctions & auctions being bid on ;)
  5. Yeah I've already been checking GB for a few days now. Haven't seen a single one advertised as reblued though hence why I'm asking here.
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    I just seen a python 99 percent original blue six inch in the local nickle paper here for 1,350. The advice above to go to the colt forum is your very best advice. The prices in different areas of the usa very a lot. With the colts going up realy fast unless your a collector and stay on top of it daily like they do in the colt forum it is hard to price one.
    I like colts and smith and wessons and decided to start collecting one or the other. I chose smith and wesson because I got my first one at age 18.
    I figured i would aquire all the smith and wessons i wanted and start picking up colts. I am no where near getting all the smith and wessons I want and probaly never will. Then colts soared to out ragous prices so unless I stumble onto some out ragous rare deal on one. I will have to stick to the one little cobra I own.
    I am old enough to remember them priced with smith and wessons and also old enough to regret not buying them then.
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    If a Python was reblued by Colt and the rollmarks redone, 99% of the population will never be able to tell. I've had several done like that. And the way people are buying them now, nobody will even pause to ask. A reblue by Colt won't hurt the value at all. You won't have any trouble finding a buyer.

    But if Colt didn't do the bluing, hard to say what the value would be without seeing it. Be interested to know how someone picked up on it reblued. Colt does not do anything to the gun to show they've reblued it and I doubt they keep records on reblue jobs either. There is a 6-month wait for that job.