Rebates for military and law enforcement

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by michigan0626, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. michigan0626

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    FNH has a new program. FNH USA Distinguished Service Program

    Yes,this is probably just a way to make some money. But I commend anyone, person or business, that goes out of there way to support military and law enforcement.
  2. cpttango30

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    It is cool they are doing this. What about guys like me who gave up 8 years and 40+% of our hearing didn't retire but served and did the right thing then decided to get out. We are like the forgotten bunch. We don't qualify for special rebates but we gave more than many and did our time serving our country.

    If you served and decided that you wanted a change you are treated as a red headed stepchild many times.

    It is cool they are doing it and I am happy they are. $200 off on the wonder pistol that is not bad. That will buy you what 3 boxes of ammo for it woo hoo.....

  3. hunter Joe

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    I know there's lots of anti-ghey sentiment in this forum but let us not forget the First Responder program offered by Glock.The list of eligible people is quite long and they can save around $100.00
  4. jackg

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    In case you are not aware S&W has a similair program called the "Military VIP Program". It offers a 40% discount.
    If you're interested call Bill Harper at 413-244-9902 and request a form or you can email him at

    Good Luck
  5. jackg

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    Wilson Combat--------10%
    Bud's Police Supply
    Glock----G19 w/fixed sights $398.20
    Springfield Armory-----XDM w? gear system $550
    Nighthawk Custom/Tactical----10%

    I ask everyone if they have a program.