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    I know I post replies that make it sound like I am negative on many things or about some peoples posts in here.

    I just truly believe to be a excellent shooter or to be able to protect your family, homes, and friends you need to practice shooting many different styles.
    Walking towards your target firing while is not in a wide open spot or putting them where only part of it is showing.
    Standing,kneeling, laying down shooting at targets that are moving or that pop up or swinging back and forth or side to side.
    Moving from spot to spot and finding objects to get behind while you are advancing or retreating and firing as you do it.
    Almost anyone can hit a target that is just standing out there if they have a rest and time to shoot without any disruptions.

    I am not trying to offend anyone of put down anyones shooting ability.
    I guess being in combat help me realize that most enemies are not just going to be out in the wide open standing still waiting for you to put a round in them without a weapon in there hand while you are sitting behind a table with a rest for your weapon with a pair of goggles on and ear plugs in or if someone/someones breaks into your house in the middle of the night and are moving around your house in the dark with weapons while you take time to set up your bench rest and rifle or get up get your gun out of a lock box load it and have enough time to shoot them all and still survive plus get your ear plugs and goggles on and get your wife and kids to a safe place before you start firing at them.
    My motto: be prepared for any situation and any time. Practice for all types of scenarios and multiple enemies. For you and your family to survive you have to stop them all and if you are taken out your family needs to be trained to get the rest.
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    You're absolutely correct and I recommend tactical handgun training for anyone who can afford it. Still has nothing to do with a therapeutic trip to the range with a 10/22. ;)

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    Tactical training with a pistol or rifle is not expensive except for ammo. I know everyone has a friend of two that owns land so you can go out and set up targets of various variations and practice.

    I agree it is therapeutic to go out and fire off rounds.
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    just what i was thinking. i train with my HD weapon in HD situations. but any other shooting i do is for fun and/or practice for hunting. both of which im not needed to move around for. for hunting i go to my spot an either sit or lay down. both provide me with good stability and hey what do you know ive shot at the range this way too. what a coincidence.
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    Great thread. You are correct in all ways. I try to do tactical shooting when I can. The ranges around here do not let you. I get to when we set our own up in a field but it is a long drive to get there and I have to make sure my buddy will be around. When the county has open range days I can do a little. The city departments range does not even offer tac capabilities.
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    This is not directed at the original poster


    The reality is we are more likely to need to use basic first aid on someone than a firearm to defend our family.

    The reality is it is more important to have good SA awareness to avoid the problems if possible.

    The reality is we need to have good skills on how to manage unknown contacts. This could ultimately be the difference between fighting or not.

    The reality is there is a big gap between recognizing a threat and getting your firearm out to fight. Do you have the hand-to-hand skills to deal with multiple attackers and/or weapons they have and earn the opportunity to bring your firearm into the fight?

    The reality is we need to have some basic hand-to-hand skills to avoid getting knocked out or down to the ground in an altercation. If you end up getting knocked down do you have retention training if there is a struggle.

    The reality is we may not be able to take a firearm to certain locations. Do you know how to fight with a variety of tools/weapons such as a knife, cane, kubaton, flashlight, or other weapons of opportunity that can be utilized as an impact weapon?

    I could keep on going here as many of you likely can but please don't get me wrong. I attend three or four defensive firearm classes a year in addition to my shooting once a week and daily dry work. However, the reality is there are A LOT more other areas of need out there for self defense that are equally if not more important than knowing how to fight with your firearm. There is so much information and fantastic training opportunities out there if you have the time and money to attend you are only cheating you and your family if you don't take advantage of those opportunities IMHO.
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    What brought this on?
    Was there a exceptional range report that I missed?

    I don't know of any tactically oriented member or hunting member that thinks differently than you do. Some that don't may be bench rest competitors.... to each their own.

    I would like to take this time to say...
    Taking your time, shooting from a stable, comfortable position has its place.
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    Some of us were born with a gun in our hand so to speak and others take the reigns later on in life but we all have the same goal in the end. If it comes right down to it we will get right down to it. I dont care what the situation is I just pray that I make the right decision given the circumstances given at the time but if I have to stop to think about it all my years of practice were for no reason.