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    Groupings? What exactly do you mean when you say i shot 2 inch Groupings. or something similar. Does that when the whole mag or just 2 or 3 bullets in the Group? Thanks
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    Usually three or more. It may be a full magazine (or cylinder), but most will look at the three to five.

    On occasion, some will look at all shots between cease-fires.

    I had one group of four that were six tenths of an inch, outside to outside at 25 feet (from sand-bags).
    I changed the target before shooting any more.
    Still have that target, nineteen years later. :D

    In other words, use what you prefer. :D

    Mas Ayoob says that in his experience the tightest three of a five shot group - from sand-bags - will be very close to what you can get from a Ransom-Rest (high dollar piece of test equipment).

    P.S. How you measure the spread also differs. Some use center to center, while others use outside to outside.
    Center to center is outside to outside minus the diameter of a bullet.
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    hello, I am new here and i wanted to ask if it is legal in NJ to own a air soft plastic pellets and can you carry it around like out to take the garbage or in your pocketbook?