Real problem/challenge- moving ammo and components across country...

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    My health is forcing me to move from Maine to Arizona. Psoriatic Arthritis, with complications. Need to be in hot, dry, and sunny area. Last winter was my last- if I want to keep living...

    Was 121 degrees last Friday, and I no longer sweat.

    Need to move my powder (51 pounds of Varget) and 15,000 large rifle primers, as well as beau-coup rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammo...

    How stable is this stuff? Could it go, SAFELY, in a PODS or Pack-rat container, U-Haul, or Ryder truck? When in the military 41 years ago, ammo was shipped in containers to DaNang, and it wasn't climate controlled...

    Really need your input on this. Should I send it via a hazmat licensed shipper? I can't afford to sell here, and buy there...

    Any and all help/advice is greatly appreciated...


    Glockcurmudgeon, out...
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    Varget is a very heat tolerant powder. As for primers riding on a truck I don't think will hurt them.

    I would just pack it all into metal containers like military ammo cans. Stuff them with paper so the contents doesn't shift a lot. Then I would place the powder loaded cans next to the back door so incase there is a fire on the moving truck you can get the cans out and away quickly. I would not ship in a PODS I would move it in the moving truck that you are taking.

    I would not go through the expense and hassle of shipping it UPS hazmat.

  3. JonM

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    I would just stick it in a uhaul with the rest of the goods. Long as the primers are in their original containers they are just fine. I prollywouldnt srack the fridge on top of em though....
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    I think they summed it up nicely, I am looking at moving to Az. in 3 years I got to get where I can breath easer myself.
  5. Glockcurmudgeon

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    I'm much relieved by your experience and insight. Looks like I'll be "okay" after all!

    Take care,

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