Real life SHTF story

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  1. partdeux

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    Found this from another forum... it's pretty scary to read.

    my shtf expirience-wartime - Survivalist Forum

    The one thing that was resonating in my head after reading all 32 pages... His situation was fixed by the United States along with other countries. IF the SHTF worldwide, and everything is reduced to that level, it might take CENTURIES to recover.

    Combined with watching after armageddon, this frightens me.
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    Interesting read... I just spent about a half hour skimming through Selco's posts.

    For those interested, it's a Bosnian guy (Selco) telling his day-to-day activities during SHTF scenario for one year of no electricity, no running water, no services of any kind, roaming gangs, scarce food, barter... strict survival stuff in an urban setting in the early 90's.

    You can skip all posts except for his and get it... He answers dozens of good questions...

    Guns, ammo, lighters, disinfectants, axes, food, medicines, etc...

  3. partdeux

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    Couple of things that were highlighted to me... official position from the govt, all is well

    the absolute brutal life with ZERO available services, and the savage level that citizens resorted to, just to live.

    we can talk about BOV, BOB, but when everybody starts doing the same thing, a few with plans, most without, that in itself will be an issue. That was one of the points I picked up from the after armageddon movie.
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    If anything good came out of the wild fires that hit Texas the recent months, it is the awareness of the affected folks of the need to prepare. A few people we spoke to are now making their BOB for similar events in the future. It is a good start.
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    That is a real life scary SHTF scenario.

    Makes you wake up and prep more and at the same time makes you hope it never happens. Real scary.

    You never can have enough preps/survival knowledge/mental mindset ability to adapt and survive.

    Stay safe my friends.