Ready to have your blood boil?? Watch this!

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by fmj, May 9, 2012.

  1. fmj

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  2. jjfuller1

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    and this is part of the reason the us is in debt.. unbelievable

  3. PanBaccha

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    One of thousands of rivets coming apart across the breadth of the USS Titanic. :eek:
  4. Bigcountry02

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    I am glad I did not have my coffee at the time watching the video. This is sick!
  5. silverado113

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    So glad I payed my 10k into the system so that I can support illegals who knowingly file a federal document with false information so that they can get my 10K that I could have used to stimulate the economy by supporting single mothers one dollar at a time :mad:
  6. JonM

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    working as intended.
  7. JTJ

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    It is getting more expensive to buy votes.
  8. bkt

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    Yup, exactly.

    We have ICE and BP agents told by government not to interfere with illegals entering the country.

    We have countless "sanctuary" cities where government overtly breaks the law.

    Why shouldn't the IRS get in on the act?

    Sovereignty? Feh! That's so 1790's.
  9. Kodeman

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    If I posted what I'm thinking I'm sure I would be put on a list somewhere. Where is the justice for us hardworking, law abiding citizens who get up every day, put on the work boots, go out and bust our butts to support our loved ones, who count on us. This GREAT country needs to get it's act together as it is imploding as I write this and the deeper the hole, the harder it is to get out.
  10. rjd3282

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    If obama hasn't made the blood boil somehow I don't think this will bother the "voters" either.
  11. roscoguy

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    I wonder who wrote the clever bit of tax code that allows that to happen. Not to defend the IRS, but doesn't congress write & amend IRS tax law? There must be a way to trace it back to the author...
  12. purehavoc

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    If they are illegal immigrants WTF are they even here , let alone getting a tax refund ? I want a answer to that one . You see its so easy for people to milk the system anymore . Hell I have heard people say they can make more money sitting on their dead beat ***'s at home than going to work , no groceries to pay for , half their housing being paid for , and getting a check to pay for their kids daycare when they arent even working to begin with . Its no wonder were in the situation we are . I have a hard time even keeping my mouth shut when I go to get groceries any more when I see someone whip out their link card and get their ribeyes and other crap for free . Hell I recently found out someone here local a farmer friend of my buddies , his wife has a IL link card , they farm a sh!t ton of acreage and are by no means poor , He just bought a second harley . WTF ???? Over !!!! Looks like the state needs to create some jobs and get some of this crap checked out and cut some of these people off
  13. wjnfirearms

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    Maybe we now know why the IRS mandated a filing fee on all tax returns starting last year. This season past, it added $3 to the cost of every return and the amount goes up to $5 next year. The wife is a professional tax preparer and her blood boils over this crap. They won't say what the fee is for and she cannot get an answer from anyone.

    I'm so damn sick and frickin' tired of supporting everyone on my dime, especially when I cannot even qualify for a loan, I said LOAN not grant or any other free money, to expand my FFL. Every time we go to the store and have someone in the checkout ahead of us whipping out the ACCESS card for stuff that I left on the shelf because I have to budget my grocery runs, I want to scream and tear up their card. It makes me want to leave the gun at home when we go shopping for fear that I might lose it one day.

    Time to calm...WOOSAH........WOOSAH..............