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RE: etiquette

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My name is Rick, but have lived with the aka of GYPSY for so ever long now that I rarely even recognize when I am being adressed by my 'proper' and 'givin' name.

I misfired earlier the other day so far as my Thread Etiquette goes, and plopped my first post in under a Blowguns thread, as the search for Blowguns in a google was what landed me on this site to begin with.

Thanx 2 u all for no one splaying me out and beginning a whoooopin on me.:eek:

So--- Here I am.:eek: propperly in the INTRO section!

In the house here is an assault style shotgun, 12 guage, full of riot shot. And my old KSI 9mm... Oh... yes... alongside "thumper", my spider killin machine... My trusty blowgun. :rolleyes: always beside me strapped to 'my chair' is a Kershaw 1620 GRYST, prior to this 'gifting' I had no idea just how useful a good pocket knife could be... Such a simple little item; has more than made itself a keeper this past 6 months.

Off the start, one thing I am interested in is seeing if just off the top o the head, if anyone knows if a Pacmeyer (SP?) type of hand grip is locatable for this Norinco- KSI- 9mm here... Anything a bit more ergonomic than these origional hard plastic buggers that it rolled home with. I have run a few searches across the web, and come up short... Maybe nothing out there, maybe the wrong keywords and meta tags... Anyone?

Thanks, Hey all... here tis a "howdy hey", shouted out from new member, "Rick".
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Welcome to the Forum

Hello Rick


Lots of Good folk here, you can learn, or you can teach, whats your pleasure?
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