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I recently acquired an old .22 from a farmer up the road and thought ewwww what a piece. I went out and bought 2x 120, 1x 100, 1x 1000 grit sand paper and a pint of Provincial Stain with some diamond clear varathane wood finish by Plecto. I finished off the stock by sanding down the inside off the stock to create a free floating barrel to improve accuracy then started work on the barrel. First i tried a small strip of the 1000 grit paper to take off the paint / bluing but no luck so i tried some type 0 steel wool and nothing so i finally took 100 grit paper to it and it took it off fine then polished all the scratches out with the 1000 grit. After removing the front sight off the gun i wanted to get rid of the gross 3/8" dove tail so i cut the barrel down 3 inches and re-crowned the barrel using Permatex grinding compound that i got from NAPA auto parts and a brass wood screw. If anyone has any questions or wants further instruction on how to do a simple at home project e-mail me at [email protected] All i need to do is re-blue the barrel.Sorry For such large pictures.

w/o Scope is old With scope is re-done


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