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    I have an older RCBS Balance Beam Powder Scale. In transit I lost the gold pan and its holder clip.
    Originally I was posting this message to see if anyone knew where I could get another pan and hook.

    I called RCBS and asked if they had any replacements. The nice women asked me for my name address and phone number and said she would get one right out to me. I guess this has a lifetime warrranty and I hadnt known.

    So this post is now a BIG ATTABOY for RCBS.
    Thank you RCBS

  2. Snakedriver

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    The same sort of world class service and warranty applies to your other RCBS products too. That is why I use RCBS almost exclusively. They are the best, you call them up and explain your problem and they will take care of you. :)

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    The only thing of RCBS that doesn't have a lifetime no BS warranty is the digital scales.

    Other than that if it breaks you can call for parts or send it in to them with a note saying whats wrong. If they can fix it they will if they can't they will send you a BRAND NEW replacement. Even if it is 50 years old.

    I am a RCBS FAN big time. I also grew up 40 miles from their factory. There is a gun store in front of it that is OMG amazing.
  5. lonyaeger

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    What do you think of LEE reloading equipment, though?
  6. c3shooter

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    Broke the decapping pin on my antique RCBS .45 ACP die. (My stupid) When I bought replacements, they would not fit. Called, found out that there had been a manufacturing change. Nice lady sent me a new die. That is damned hard to beat.
  7. noylj

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    Reloading Companies

    All the reloading companies will do their best to make you happy. Same goes for any of the scope (not red-dot sight) manufacturers I have dealt with.
    From Lee to Dillon, the service is great. I bent the wire rod that cams the primer slider on my Hornady L-N-L AP. They sent out a new rod and the plastic cap. They said that usually the plastic cap cracks and causes the problem so they included one "just to be sure." Lee has some of the best pricing for making custom bullet seating stems or die modifications. I don't expect any company to replace things that i have damaged, but the shooting industry is excellent in support.
    Note: people complain that a plastic part on their Lee press breaks. Well, better that a cheap part breaks then to spring the press and have a major repair job. Had a friend whose wife, at the time of the story, broke the nylon gear in her mixer. He ordered a new part and told her the mixer wasn't made to mix bread dough and replaced the gear. She again broke the nylon gear. So, he went out the garage and machined her a new steel gear. Short time later she burned the motor out (but the gear was still good). He told her to get a heavy duty mixer to replace it and leave him alone. They were divorced when he told me and he was quite happy.
    I do wish that Lee would just send me a new Pro Auto-Disk measure as I have worn out my 15 year old unit. it comes under their "pay us 50% of the current price and we will repair or replace" policy, if I remember right.
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    RCBS Scales

    My RCBS 10/10 scales have been in use for upto 20 years or so,so I emailed RCBS from the other side of the pond to ask them if they thought it was time to change the pivot points or not,( Its still spot on at present) Their reply was to send me a replacement set free of charge with best wishes for another 20 years.Can`t go any better than that can you.
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    not to change the subject but after a few years of using the RCBS beam I bought a digital scale and found that the beam could vary up to a full grain. Since then my accuracy has improved.
    just for discussion
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    Wow, that's interesting. Worthy of a new thread in and of itself!

    You mean the accuracy of your powder loads or the accuracy of your shooting?
  11. Ryel

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    the only thing I changed was the scale. same rifle, load and components.
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    good for rcbs for taking such good care of you. a good thing, too...at grice wholesale, a large distributor in clearfield, penna, just the pan cost $20...$20, can you believe it?


    ignorance if fixable, stupidity is forever...
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    RCBS is a good company that helps all who use it`s products. I have had nothing but good experiences with RCBS.