RCBS 2000 auto or Dillon 650

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Fisherking, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Fisherking

    Fisherking New Member

    I'm in the market to buy a progressive press. I have heard good things about both the RCBS and the Dillon.
    I would like to hear some feedback from anyone who has used these presses , the pros and the cons from ease of use to things that that you all don't like .

    Thanks in advance FisherKing.
  2. big_bad_kitty

    big_bad_kitty Member

    I am glad you started this thread as I have been reading and pricing these exact same presses for the last couple of days. I am looking to buy within the next 60 to 90 days and if the right deal came up I would buy now! I am really interested to see the comments and suggestions that come in. I started out in the 70's with a Rock Crusher and still have it! Looked several times before but got frustrated and continued on. I am going to buy a progressive this time! Green or Blue! My buddies that I talk to have Blue! I have always had Green and am very satisfied. Pros and Cons anyone? Thanks for responses in advance.

  3. Fisherking

    Fisherking New Member

    Ya I'm useing a Lyman All American. Time to step up.:D
  4. fishdude

    fishdude New Member

    I bought my 650 2 years ago and have been very very happy. I have a good friend with a RCBS and I think the Dillon is engineered better! Great machine, great service! I love the blue Kool-Aid!
  5. JonM

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    xl650 dillon hands down. ive had mine for 10 years and its super easy to use. with any progressive small primers can be difficult and occasionally jam. the dillon is really easy to clear a jam with the auto feeder. 3 bolts clear it then back to work.

    i really enjoy the easy setup.

    ive used a rcbs single stage for over 20 years. the dillon is just a lot easier
  6. noylj

    noylj Member

    If and only if you want/need a case feeder, get the 650.
    If not, get the Hornady L-N-L. I can't speak for the RCBS, so it might be better than either. I only have about 30 years of using Hornady progressives and I have always been happy.
    Hated using a 650 without a case feeder. Very awkward. The Hornady is much more ergonomic and easier, unless you have a case feeder. For example, station 4 where you seat a bullet is right under your nose with Hornady so you have no excuse NOT to inspect each case for powder charge height.
    If I was buying a progressive tomorrow and I couldn't afford a 1050, I would happily buy another Hornady. The case feeder has not made my reloading all that much faster and two of my three Dillon case feeders have needed repairs.
  7. Hairtrigger

    Hairtrigger Active Member

    Consider the Hornady as stated above... unless you are looking to get rid of extra money. The Hornady will be less expensive to convert calibers and comes with a better powder measure.
    Hornady offers GREAT customer service, not just giving parts away but help with load info as well
  8. Fisherking

    Fisherking New Member

    I,v been lookin at the hornady since people have poasted about it and it looks like a good option for the price.
    Maybe lookin at hornady now.
  9. anm2_man

    anm2_man Member

    If you want to save some upfront money, buy the RCBS. If your into reloading for the long run, buy the Dillon. If you look at used presses,that are 5 years old, you will find a Dillon press for sale for at least 80% of "Today's Current Price". Check out the RCBS press. It will be less than 50% of today's value. In my mind, both are good presses, but Dillon's have more features, better support and better resale value.