RAT RC-5 question

Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by cpttango30, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. cpttango30

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    Would this knife make a good hunting knife? I love the looks of it and after seeing the RAT that Dillinger got for X-Mas I have been drooling over these daily. Some of my Tax Money comes in tomorrow and I am thinking I really need a fixed blade right now. I am worried about the handle and blood the handle looks like it is a little pours on the web site.

    Also open to any other that some may point me towards as well. Francisco Dillinger.....
  2. N.D.

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    I can't offer you an opinion on your Rat Blade as I don't have one, but first before buying any fixed production type blades for myself I will almost always check out this site below and here is a link for you as well:
    www.knifetests.com Home
    They also have a forum of there own that tends toward the search for very tough high quality blades at the best prices the members can find I hope that this helps you.

    Although I do admit that I do like the looks of some of the Blades made by "Scrap Yard" which is I think run by some of Mr. Busse's Family if my memory serves me for a change.

    Good luck ;)

  3. Dillinger

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    Tango - I looked at that same knife, and if it's anything like the one Francisco sent me, it's worth the money. I love my little Rat fixed blade. It's awesome.

    How ever, We have a company called Mil-Tac ( www.mil-tac.com )that I am about 90% sure is going to join Benning & I for our knife challenge and they have a real sweet fixed blade hunter. I am hoping that we can get an FTF buyer's coupon or something out of them.

    Stay tuned. :D
  4. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    Yes I have been drooling over them today as well.
  5. Franciscomv

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    Tango, RATrun the Argentina branch of an ONG that also has an office in Perú, which is where I started working, we do a lot of outdoors work and I had a chance to meet some of the RAT folks in the Amazon rain forest. They walk the walk, that's for sure.

    The RC-5 is a good knife, but it wouldn't be my choice for a hunting knife. It was designed by military SERE instructors and has some features that I don't like in a civilian outdoors knife. The blade is quite a bit thicker than regular RAT knives, and it's saber ground instead of full flat (i.e. the grind doesn't go all the way up to the spine). This makes it less efficient as a cutting tool (they went for strength, which makes sense for a survival knife). Then there's the pointy pommel, I hate those.

    Take a look at the RC-4. Same materials, same great company, more hunting/woodsbumming friendly design.

    Handles are made out of micarta, so there's no need to worry about blood, I've used my RC-3 (and my older RAT-3 from the Ontario era) to clean game quite often and have no complaints whatsoever.

    Here's a link to the RC-4 specs:
    RAT Cutlery Co.