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    My dad and I own a Glock 17L 9mm. but one the side of the barrel, it says "Brigada Anti-Terrorista" which is Spanish for Anti-terrorism Squad, and I assume it comes from a predominantly Spanish speaking country. I have done TONS of research on the marking on the gun and haven't found anything on it. I'm wondering if this is authentic, and does it add any value?

    EDIT: i believe it is a 1st or 2nd gen. gun as it doesn't have the accessory rail like newer models, and the handle is an older style. i believe it is from 1991-1995. just an educated guess. can anyone help?
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    sorry for the double post but I am quite sure that it is not a newer generation gun. i believe it is second or first gen. gun, because it does not have an accessory rail, the plastic handle is a little different from newer models as far as weight, and it doesn't have the finger/thumb grooves that newer models do.

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    Sounds like they were essentially tactical pre-model 34's for use in Europe. They were primarily manufactured for a contract in Romania (1996/97). Longer barrels equal longer sight radius, and thus slightly improved accuracy at distance in combat situations.

    These aren't super rare, as many hit the market early this decade. They were imported by Century Arms in 2005. But they can command a premium to the right collector if in excellent condition, since many of those that hit the public market have been tucked away.

    That's what I found in my 4-min google seach. I'm not sure where you were researching, but enter "Brigada glock" in any search engine and you'll get some returns.

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    Thanks for the info. That's exactly what it looks like. Don't plan on selling it; just wondering.
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    these are "RARE".....

    Desert Storm Glock
    This was a 1991 series of 1000 Glock 17s which had special engraving on it. A list of names of all the coalition countries is engraved down the top of the slide; "Operation Desert Storm/January 16-February 27, 1991" is engraved on the right side. On the left side is "New World Order/Commemorative".

    The first 15 Desert Storm Glocks were special presentation models and had the special "bright black" finish. The special engraving on these was also slightly altered from the standard. These pistols were supposed to go to:

    UD000US: George Bush, Commander-in-Chief
    UD001US: Gen. H. Norman Schwartzkopf III (Commander-in-Chief, CentCom)
    UD002US: James Baker III (Secy of State)
    UD003US: Gen. Colin Powell (Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff)
    UD004US: Dick Cheney (Secy of Defense)
    UD005US: Brent Scowcroft (National Security Advisor)
    UD006US: Lt. Gen. Thomas Kelly
    UD007US: Lt. Gen. Chuck Horner (Commander, Air Forces, CentCom)
    UD008US: Maj. Gen. Robert B Johnston (Chief-of-Staff, CentCom)
    UD009US: Lt. Gen. Calvin Waller (Dpty Commander-in-Chief, CentCom)
    UD010US: Lt. Gen. Walter Boomer (Commander, I MEF)
    UD011US: Vice Adm. Stanley Arthur (Commander, Naval Forces, CentCom)
    UD012US: Maj. Gen. William "Gus" Pagonis (Chief of Logistics, CentCom)
    UD013US: Brig. Gen. Richard Neal (Operations Ofcr., CentCom)

    Part of the special engraving was these men's names and ranks engraved on the slide. In addition all of these special presentations along with the next 35 Desert Storm Glocks came with the Wooden Display case made specially for the Desert Storm Glocks. The remaining 950 Desert Storm Commemoratives came in the standard Glock Box, but with desert camoflage labels. [MakeMineA10mm]

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