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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by 351mustang65, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. 351mustang65

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    Well I am almost done with the nightwatchman job so im going to be shooting my new gun within the next week.

    I just wanted to know is it bad for your gun if you shoot 17 rounds as fast as you can? I have been told it can be bad for your gun but I did not think it was that bad for it and i see guys on youtube do it all the time so is it ok or are the guys on youtube just dumb?
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  2. hillbilly68

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    Won't hurt it if you have such an inclination, but it really serves no purpose. "As fast as you can" implies no control, just work up to as fast as you can shoot with control and precision (well...handgun "precision" that is). No training value to it and will waste your hard earned ammo money by just blowing off rounds. FWIW

  3. tookalisten

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    I agree with hillbilly; I think each time you pull the trigger on the range, it should be with the specific purpose of practicing a specific technique with a specific outcome in mind. I do not think it will hurt a well made, modern gun; but just emptying the magazine as fast as possible just wastes ammo. Those YouTube videos actually make me cringe as they often promote a bad image to the already suspicious general public.
  4. Gojubrian

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    Most ranges won't allow rapid fire.

    I also agree with hillbilly, just a waste. But, it can be fun! ;)
  5. UnderFire

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    rapid fire won't hurt your firearm...

    it all depends on what kind of training you're doing....
    if you're training for marksmanship then rapid fire serves no purpose....
    if you're training for street survival you should train in multiple-shot bursts: 1,2,3,4, rather than the 1....2....3....4 like most tend to do at the range.

    Train that your multiple-shot bursts are consistent 8-inch groups on the target. I see people get targets with badguy silhouettes and practice head-shots. I always think; " how practical is that in street survival". You should be aiming for center mass, but hits anywhere on a badguy are great. It's the ones that miss that do no good and harm us because of the liability they represent.
  6. c3shooter

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    1. Within reason (500 rounds and the gun has caught fire) rapid fire will not harm a firearm.
    2. Most repid fire serves no purpose other than to make noise
    3. If you rely on You Tube for info, you have several other disappointments waiting for you
  7. 351mustang65

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    Well its not that im going to be popping off 17 rounds as fast as I can every time I go to the range are that I get my info from youtube.

    Me and a buddy watched a video on youtube of a guy rapid firing a SR9 and my buddy said that is bad for the gun and I did not think it was so I came here and asked.
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  8. WDB

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    It isn't bad for the firearm as most quality firearms are build to fire at the cycle rate. As many have already expressed it offers no value, you have to hit the target, at best it's a rush. I expect most of us have done it once or twice just for fun.