Ranger 103-2 wont eject spent shells

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by prsabordo, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. prsabordo

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    What could be the problem? Should i take the chance of buying from new york with this problem?
  2. JonM

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    i assume you mean 10-22. try different ammo brand ftf and fte are usually caused by dirty guns, over lubrication, or ammo the gun doesnt like.

  3. Fisherking

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    Check your extractor and where your extractor fitts into the barrel resesion.If the barrel resesion is dirty or cloged it will keep the extractor from gripping the case rim ,if you keep shooting it this way you can break the extractor.
  4. prsabordo

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    Ohh no, all right, i will definitely stop before something breaks. Thanks for the heads up. BTW I was referring to a Ranger 103-2, apparently it was made back in the 1930-40's and was a Sears and Roebuck brand name.
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  5. big shrek

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    The Ranger 103.2 was a Marlin 80, which means all the appropriate Marlin 80 parts will work to repair this rifle.

    Chances are the Ejector Spring Wire is set wrong...point it a little more towards the center of the feed throat and up a wee bit so it's about a 10 degree upward point.

    Most folks never bothered to clean 'em back in the old days, so chances are it was used until totally fouled, then when FTE's occured they bent the wire with an un-ejected case...

    In some cases folks shot 'em until the wire broke...then put them away/sold 'em to unknowing dealers.

    But if you take the time to replace the wire & properly adjust it, it'll last another 60 years of service.
    It's a $4.05 part from numrich.
    The Extractors, if needed, are $11 parts.

    I almost died laffin about that 10-22 crack...hehehe, best laff I've had all day :D

    Someone has got to remind the Ruger crowd that there are millions of rifles out there that ain't Ruger 10/22's...
    and almost all of them shoot better & have less problems.
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  6. prsabordo

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    Big Shrek, thanks a lot man i really appreciate it. I have been trying to figure out who made the Ranger model 103 for the longest time. Even more thanks for pointing me in the direction for parts, i was getting worried about getting the rifle shipped over here from NY without it ejecting and not being able to find replacement parts. Since it is in NY and im in CA, my friend who is giving me the rifle described the action. Once fired, the spent shell would be pulled out but not ejected out to chamber a new round. Once again, really appreciate the help Big Shrek. I laughed too about the 10-22 comment.
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