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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by jyo, Apr 16, 2013.

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    Went to the club range yesterday---had planned for it to just be the wife and I---she mentioned a couple of girlfriends who had expressed interest in shooting. So I said sure, bring 'em along---two girls in their mid-30s or so---they had never fired a gun before---time for one of my favorites; a minty Remington Nylon 66 and a couple of bricks of CCI Blazer 22 bulk ammo (I had bought a bunch over the years, so no ammo shortage here). We quickly got thru the basics of safety and started shooting at clay birds sat-out on the berm 40 yards out---they paid attention to instructions and were soon breaking birds and then small pieces of birds---a very successful, fun couple of hours and two more new shooters! The little Nylon 66 behaved itself with no issues of any sort---they both want 22 rifles---I had to explain that my rifle was older then either of them, but we would find them a 10-22 on sale soon as the Remington has been out of production for decades...
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    Good deal, neighbor. I have a Nylon 66 in the safe also, they are good plinkers.